Case Study: Burger King and the Keyboard Shelf


Founded in 1954, Burger King® is known world-over for its flame grilled burgers and as the original home of the Whopper. The restaurant giant is the second largest hamburger chain on the planet, with more than 14,000 locations found in more than 100 countries. Burger King has provided more than 11 million daily guests with affordable food prepared with high-quality ingredients for more than 50 years. Additionally, almost every Burger King restaurant is owned and operated by independent franchisees.


With many fast food chains, space is often limited, with most space dedicated to seating restaurant patrons. In that regard, Burger King is no different. Burger King restaurants also require a dedicated space for training and educating employees. With an already heavily utilized workspace paired with the aspirations of maintaining cleanly clutter-free countertops, Burger King needed a unique solution to wall mount and secure a Dell FX160 computer, along with a 17” monitor, and a keyboard and mouse.


RackSolutions engineering designed and developed the Wallmount for Dell FX160 (RETAIL-DELL-Wall-007) and the Full Wallmount Keyboard (104-2795). Paired together, these two products created a complete solution for training centers at Burger King restaurants, and more.


As a result, the two products configured together were approved by the company’s headquarters and deemed it  a necessity for all locations. Burger King introduced the products at Burger King’s World Wide Conference and almost all franchises began ordering at locations around the world. RackSolutions soon shipped more than 4,000 Full Wallmount Keyboards and Dell FX160 Wallmounts and is to become the standard at all Burger King locations.


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Case Study: Burger King and the Keyboard Shelf
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Case Study: Burger King and the Keyboard Shelf
RackSolutions develops a unique solution to securely wall mount a Dell PC, along with a 17” monitor, and a keyboard and mouse in a cramped work environment.
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