1U Rack-to-Tower

Here is a quick demonstration of how to use our rack-to-tower.

The RackSolutions rack to tower conversion kit is perfect for you if you have a situation where an entire rack may not be necessary or may take up too much room.  It allows you you mount the server on its side in a “tower” like configuration. You can easily install your server into the conversion kit by just sliding it into place and turning the tension knob to lock it into place.


  • Compatible with any 1U server
  • Mounts server in a “tower” configuration to save space
  • Does not interfere at all with front bezel
  • Easy to install and service equipment
  • Designed to holds server securely in a clamp
  • What is a Rack-to-Tower?
  • Bottom width stabilizes the server in the kit
  • No OEM rail kit required

This rack to tower conversion kit will keep your server safe and secure using the clamps and high friction foam. You don’t have to worry about movement with our rubber feet to protect any surface you may choose to display the server on. You will not need a rail kit for this rack to tower conversion kit, just the server itself! The 1U Universal Rack-to-Tower Conversion Kit from RackSolutions uses a “clamp” design to hold a 1U server on its side and mount it in a tower like configuration. Rack-to-Tower conversion kits are perfect for when a entire server rack is just too much and you only need to mount a single server. Because there is no need for a server rack, the 1U Univeral Rack-to-Tower conversion kit takes up a much smaller footprint by allowing it to be mounted on a table, desk, or other flat surface.

1U Rack-to-Tower - RackSolutions
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1U Rack-to-Tower - RackSolutions
Click here to watch a video demonstration of how to use our rack-to-tower!
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