HyperShelf, the DaaS alternative for working from home


If you’re sending employees home to work, then you have already likely looked at desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) programs or distributing laptops to employees. These are all great solutions in certain situations, but what if you want to maximize power and minimize cost? 

Well, in that case, you’d probably want to build something proprietary. Something where individual employees won’t have to share resources, all management occurs in-house and hardware is as space efficient as possible. 

In other words, you might want to add HyperShelves to your server room.

What’s a HyperShelf?

For those who haven’t heard of hyperscaling before, it’s essentially an initiative to fit as much computing power into a given space as possible. In order to increase scalability, data centers need to be more dense, have better cooling, better monitoring and lots of power. 

Typically, hyperscaling would be associated with scaling up server density and achieving more computing power. In the age of working from home, more and more companies need to find ways to scale PCs in their server rooms so their employees have access remotely. 

So, that’s where the HypeShelf comes in. Inspired by data center optimization, the shelf allows users to mount as many small form factor (SFF) PCs in a shelf as possible while running at full load.

With our HyperShelf for Dell Precision 3240s, employees will have access to 10 core Intel processors and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 GPUs with lower latency than DaaS programs and no need to share resources. Our HyperShelf can mount 8 of these PCs in a 5U sliding shelf. 

For employees who do more CPU intensive work and have no need for graphics, there is the HyperShelf for Dell Optiplex. This version allows for 16 devices to be mounted, all which come with the latest 10th gen Intel processors. 

And if you’d prefer to mount other PC or Apple devices, then just take these two products as an example of what we can build for you. 

Why HyperShelves might be your most cost effective solution 

Whether or not HyperShelves are right for you depends on the scale of your operation, what hardware you already own, and the type of DaaS provider that can accommodate your needs. 

For instance, if you are planning to send employees to work from home who have been working in the office with SFF PCs, then adding HyperShelves to your server room would mean that you won’t need to purchase laptops for employees. You would simply transport the PCs they are already using to the HyperShelves and allow access through VDI software. 

Another example is if employees are doing intensive graphical work. The cost of hardware and licensing for an entirely CAD ready virtual workstation can be incredibly expensive compared to purchasing equally capable machines yourself. Ofcourse, this extent of the cost depends on the scale of your operation, hardware needs and availability of service. 

So, take a look at the numbers, and the capability of the models that we have on hand. If you think that a HyperShelf solution could be effective in your company, give us a call.


Contact us for custom HyperShelves

RackSolutions has spent decades designing and manufacturing IT infrastructure for some of the largest companies in the world. We are absolutely ready to find the most effective way to fit your ideal computing devices into HyperShelves.

Due to our in-house capabilities, we have quick turnaround times and will be able to send out a prototype ASAP. All products are engineered, manufactured and fulfilled in Greenville, TX. 

HyperShelf, the DaaS alternative for working from home
Article Name
HyperShelf, the DaaS alternative for working from home
Inspired by data center optimization, the HyperShelf allows users to mount as many small form factor (SFF) PCs in a shelf as possible while running at full load.
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HyperShelf for scaling SFF computers