New WPA3 for Wi-Fi is Now Available

  Just about everyone today takes advantage of Wi-Fi technology. It is used by most businesses, government agencies, universities, and other institutions around the world for fast, convenient connections. One growing issue with Wi-Fi for the past several years has…

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server rack

A Trend Toward Taller Data Center Server Racks

Rodger Baldwin, Sales Manager at RackSolutions recently spoke with serverLIFT about the taller rack trend sweeping the data center industry. Rodger has been working in the racking and mounting industry for 17 years now. When asked for his thoughts about…

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Alibaba’s Passes IBM for Cloud Computing

Alibaba is the world’s largest retail platform, generating billions in revenue selling almost any product you can imagine. As with many successful tech companies, they aren’t satisfied with just one major revenue stream. Over the past several years, they have…

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