Working With the IoT Trend

What is LitBit and What Does it Mean For Me?

IoT-quoteLitBit is a project that centers around more effective use of data in the data centers and optimizes technological advances as well as human intelligence while ensuring better connectivity across IoT devices. Founded by Scott Noteboom, a former key manager of data centers for Yahoo and Apple, LitBit uses a platform called, RhythmOS, that aims to make it easier for people to communicate with their technological devices and for the devices to communicate with each other. The devices include any and all devices that connect to the internet and have transferable data. Noteboom’s goal is to increase data security -LitBit encrypts the new and shared data you send or receive across devices- and sharing -shared data includes daily information you receive on a device, like news reports.

What You Think Matters

Noteboom, being one of the most intelligent businessmen today, knows that humans have knowledge and experiences to improve technology, customize it, and make it work for the average person. He realized that enabling human users to contribute their knowledge and experience to the designing, managing, and operating the devices and apps makes for a more beneficial and efficient business.

IoT and Where Your Life is Going

LitBit works with the concept of IoT (Internet of Things). IoT is like a technological world that people are moving farther into with the growing number of physical objects that can connect to the internet, like the laptop, tablet, phone, and other “things”. You are probably already seeing this in your daily life. When you open an email account, sign up for an online service or sign up to receive product or program updates you may be asked to link accounts or given other options to “facilitate” accessing the same account or data across all your devices that connect to the internet.

Environmentally Friendly

There is an effort underway that is part of LitBit’s goals that promotes more energy conservation in the data centers by using information silos (systems that operate with different purposes) to keep IT systems separate from those that help regulate the environment in the data center, such as humidity sensors, temperature controls, and mechanical and electrical systems.

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