Dell Wyse 7000 Series Wall Mount for Your Small Business

With the Dell Wyse 7000 Series Wall Mount for Thin Client, you can get what your small business needs. Not only will you have the quality and capability you’ve come to expect, but you’ll also have an uncluttered work area and the opportunity to use a tight work space without feeling cramped and uncomfortable.
The 7000 Series offers you compatibility with the majority of Wyse Thin Client PCs, so you can use what you already have and add a great monitor with a fixed mount for stability and comfort.

Dell-wyse-wall-mountThe compatibility with most flat panel displays means you can also use this wall mount and have all of the mounting hardware included, making things easier for you and getting you up and running in no time. By using this type of mount for your monitor, you get that monitor up off of your workstation and onto the wall. This mount also gives customers the option to mount the Wyse to the back of the monitor. That means a less cluttered desk and more space to spread out all of the things you may need to use or work with during the day. You may also be able to see your monitor better and reduce eye strain, since sitting too close to the monitor can be a serious problem in some cases.

Dell-wyse-wall-mount-backDon’t forget that the right wall mount will also work to give you even more space, so a small office or work space can get used to its fullest extent. Whether you run a sole proprietorship or a huge company, space may still be at a premium. With monitors mounted on the wall, you instantly have more room and a tight space feels more open and welcoming. That can be a great way to help raise the morale of employees, and give them the work areas they need to be as productive as possible.

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