RackSolutions Partners with CyrusOne

GREENVILLE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RackSolutions, the market leader in custom data center infrastructure solutions and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Innovation First International, announced today that it has partnered with global colocation solutions provider CyrusOne, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell Inc., to supply custom server rack, cabinet, and aisle-door solutions never before seen in the enterprise colocation industry.

The new server containment racks and cabinets, manufactured by RackSolutions, set a new standard for data center rack customization and logistic options, reduce power consumption, and ensure security and privacy for CyrusOne customers.

“There are as many ways of racking servers as there are data center designers. Given this, it makes sense for data centers to use racks customized to their specifications,” explained Dennis Feeney, vice president, RackSolutions. “We are thrilled to team up with CyrusOne, who has designed some of the most elite data center facilities in the world, to provide customers with efficient, flexible, and scalable custom rack and cabinet solutions that deliver on aspects routinely ignored by other industry players.”

CyrusOne chose RackSolutions for their custom data center rack. Starting with a fully configurable four-post super-structure, CyrusOne selected the basic options including height, width, depth, side panels and lockable doors. They then were able to select which features they wanted removed, including casters, to reduce overall cost. Lastly, CyrusOne was able to specify the exact features and custom add-ons that would best serve their customers’ needs; improving wire management, aisle air management, security, and privacy.

“OEMs are evolving server technology on a continuous basis. This evolution will in turn impact the width, depth, and cooling characteristics of servers, and we wanted to deliver server containment solutions that will evolve in dimension. This approach helps future-proof the rack and cabinet investment for our customers while enabling a more efficient operating environment for our clients’ critical infrastructure,” said Michael Duckett, chief operations officer, CyrusOne.

In addition to flexible configurations, CyrusOne’s custom racks and cabinets offer airflow optimization. Equipment that has better airflow runs cooler and consumes less power to support compute processing. Customers choosing only the four-post rack to house servers achieve near 100 percent airflow, as there is no restriction surrounding the equipment. For customers requiring additional security, the doors designed for the front and back of the equipment deliver 80 percent airflow.

Aisle containment doors, developed by RackSolutions, are also available to colocation customers at CyrusOne data center facilities. Designed to direct airflow such that cold air is sent where it is needed to cool equipment and hot air is directed away, aisle containment doors further drive efficiency for the customer.

The custom rack and server solution that CyrusOne offers has shipping and receiving cost benefits as well. CyrusOne has reduced shipping cost by six times, which they are able to do by shipping the racks and cabinets flat on a pallet for assembly at the final destination. This approach to server racks and cabinets keeps down the cost and disposal of packing materials, which is beneficial from an environmental perspective.

About RackSolutions, Inc.

The RackSolutions division of Innovation First was formed in 1999. Its ability to quickly produce custom products to meet its customers’ data center, computer server, and rack mounting needs is the primary reason it has earned a reputation for being known as the “Rackmount Problem Solvers.” Working closely with all leading OEMs, RackSolutions solves problems created by inconsistent rack standards. Custom products and fast design-to-build times have become the cornerstones of RackSolutions’ success. RackSolutions products consist of data center racks, rails, shelves, KVMs, accessories, and a wide range of custom products.

About CyrusOne

CyrusOne specializes in enterprise data center colocation, offering the highest power redundancy (2N architecture) and power-density infrastructure. The company has facilities across the United States, London, and Singapore. CyrusOne is renowned for exemplary customer service. The company’s customers include more than 100 of the Fortune 1000 companies and nine of the Fortune 20. CyrusOne is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell Inc. (NYSE: CBB).


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RackSolutions announced that it has partnered with global colocation solutions provider CyrusOne to supply custom server rack, cabinet, and aisle-door solutions.
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