Slab Floors Becoming More Popular in Data Centers

Traditional data center setups involve placing server racks on raised floors. These floors have perforated tiles that allow cold air to travel up from below to cool servers. However, more data centers are recognizing the benefits of using slab floors instead of raised floor space, Data Center Knowledge reported.

According to the report, slab floor systems involve installing the cooling system above open frame racks and other storage cabinets and pushing the cool air down into the aisle. In a recent video blog, Pitt Turner, executive director of the Uptime Institute, explained the advantages of each type of floor setup.

Turner explained that choosing the right type of floor alignment should be based on the technology setup. For example, he said, many telecom providers do well with slab setups because equipment is fairly standard. However, raised floor space is more flexible, especially when establishing cold aisles and other containment schemes.

Changes in equipment design could also impact the decision between raised and slab floor types. A recent TechTarget report explained contemporary equipment, especially blade servers, are making server racks so heavy that new organization and deployment methods need to be developed.

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Slab Floors Becoming More Popular in Data Centers - RackSolutions
Changes in equipment design and the cooling benefits are leading to an increase in popularity of slab floors in data centers.
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