Server Room Updates w/ LinusTechTips

In this video, Linus, a leading technology YouTube personality, walks us through his server room. However, before he gets to the tour, he discusses some issues he has had with building and maintaining the room, as well as he puts some finishing touches on it. He first replaces batteries in his UPS, or his back-up power supply for his servers, then does a little clean-up of the room before arriving at his main issues with his monitor, keyboard, and mouse. 

Up until this video, Linus has had to operate and maintain his servers by sitting on the floor in a tight and cluttered area behind his server cabinet. RackSolutions sent him wall mounts for his monitor, keyboard, and mouse to help out. Linus installs the mounts in minutes and easily places his equipment in each mount. These mounts free up space for him to move around his server room to maintain it. They also allow him to more efficiently manage his cables, as seen later in the video.

After finishing up his server room updates by untangling and re-routing some of his cables, Linus gives us the tour. His server rack cabinet has an impressive amount of servers, back-up power supplies, switches, and patch panels. This is only the beginning for Linus, as he hopes to continue to build on his equipment and update them.

Great video, and thanks for the shout-out, Linus!

Server Room Updates w/ LinusTechTips - RackSolutions
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Server Room Updates w/ LinusTechTips - RackSolutions
Linus, from LinusTechTeps, provides us some updates on his server room and even gives RackSolutions a shout-out with his new keyboard and monitor mounts.
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