Dual 2-post Rack Sliding Shelf

The Dual 2-post Rack Sliding Shelf from RackSolutions is designed to rackmount lightweight electronics equipment such as laptops to 2 Post server racks. The shelf is capable of mounting equipment to 19 inch EIA Standard relay racks with 3 inch side channels. This relay rack shelf is dual sided and makes equipment maintenance easy with each side extending out to 15.1 inches on dry slide rails so that equipment from both sides can be serviced. The dual sides slide out in opposite directions making the shelf an excellent solution where space is limited. Each side of the rack shelf features a load capacity of 20 pounds on each side, giving it an overall load capacity of 40 pounds. The shelf can mount equipment up to 19 inches wide and features an overall depth of 8.76 inches. Each side of the shelf is also ventilated, to help with cooling the equipment.

Dual 2 Post Sliding Rack closedRackSolutions’ Dual 2 Post Rack Sliding Shelf is an ideal solution for mounting equipment to telco and relay racks in small and large offices, and systems for telecommunications equipment. It would also work for any other storage need where vented shelves and sliding accessibility improve utility for home or business. If there is a way to use a corner in a storage room, this would be it. If racks of shelves would get equipment off the floor or out of spaces too enclosed to ventilate properly, then these shelves solve that problem too.

Dual-2-Post-Rack-Sliding-Shelf-slid-outThe Dual 2 Post Rack Sliding Shelf includes all necessary mounting hardware including 10-32 and 12-24 pan head screws. The shelf can easily be installed to telco racks with the help of a Phillips head screwdriver. But it’s easy, simple, and not hard at all to put together. Assembly time varies with availability of a Phillips head screwdriver.

RackSolutions designs and manufactures this product at their headquarters in Greenville, Texas, eliminating the middle man and passing on savings for a more personalized experience to the customer.This unique product demonstrates the engineering capabilities of the RackSolutions team.

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