What Is A Relay Rack?

  Relay Racks, also known as 2 Post Rack or Telco Rack, are the least expensive option of server racks. Compared to 4 post racks, relay racks only have two uprights to support your equipment instead of the four uprights….

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2-Post Conversion Kit at Yahoo in 2001

2-Post Conversion Kits Can Mount 4-Post Equipment

For nearly two decades, RackSolutions has created new and innovative products to address our customers’ unique problems. In 1999, RackSolutions was tasked by Yahoo! to engineer a solution for mounting Dell servers to 2-post racks. As a result, our engineering…

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Dual 2-post Rack Sliding Shelf

The Dual 2-post Rack Sliding Shelf from RackSolutions is designed to rackmount lightweight electronics equipment such as laptops to 2 Post server racks. The shelf is capable of mounting equipment to 19 inch EIA Standard relay racks with 3 inch…

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