3 Factors of Choosing Your Server Rack

Selecting a server rack is an important decision for any company. Depending on the layout and design of the rack, the way that you store your servers and the ease of use will vary. By selecting a server rack that has a user-friendly design, you have the tools to set up a useful server.

The Location

server-rack-office-spaceThe location of an office impacts the server rack that works best for a company. In certain areas, such as an area with a large risk of seismic activity, the type of server rack that you select might play a role in the safety of company data and information. A rack must provide seismic protection that prevents accidents, limits the risk of damage to your server and has a lower risk of causing injuries to employees when an earthquake occurs.

Consider the risks in your specific location before selecting a server rack. Opt for a rack that specifically addresses any risks so that it protects against damages or potential complications.

Heating and Cooling

The hot-aisle/cool-aisle layout, or the cooling strategy, plays a key role in protecting information and preventing the server from overheating. Generally, you want a design that specifically works with the type of server and system you set up. For example, use a perforated rack for systems that use a cooling fan. If the system uses a liquid cooling system, then opt for a sealed rack.

Always consider the layout of the room and the type of server system before setting up the space. Ideally, you want the cooling system to face away from the front of the room for optimal safety.

Size of the Server

micro-server-needsThe size of the server plays a key role in the size of the server rack. In general, a micro-server needs a smaller server rack and provides more space for other items. A traditional server needs a larger server rack, so compare options based on the size of the server.

Selecting the right server rack depends on several factors. You want a design that flows well within the space and you want the most updated systems that have the technology to keep up with your goals. By selecting a rack that has a simple design and that helps keep the server cool, you will enjoy the system for a longer time.