RackSolutions Designs Custom HyperShelf for Lenovo


Designed to provide you with an easy and efficient way to manage your equipment, our HyperShelf allows you to rack mount multiple small form factor (SFF) devices into a shelf while running at full load. From the quick mount rail mechanism to designated cable pathways and removable side panels, this rack mount shelf enhances airflow, cable management, and machine density.

What is a HyperShelf?

HyperShelves are a high density and cost saving PC rack mounting solution for enterprise deployments and hyperscale data center environments. Instead of using multiple 1U rack shelves to manage your devices, a 5U HyperShelf is perfect for increasing shelf density, decreasing deployment times, and achieving a massive amount of computing power.

5U HyperShelf for 7 Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Ultras
5U HyperShelf for 7 Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Ultras

Cloud and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry is facing new challenges as the workforce shifts to remote work. In data centers, many businesses adapted to the cloud and VDI to new changes and ensure business continuity. However, users and IT leaders want improved user experiences and lower costs.

In the past, workstations provided the computing power needed to run the graphics-intensive applications that engineers, designers and architects used. As workstyles began to change, businesses began to look for desktop workstations that would give users and IT managers the performance they need, along with an affordable solution to public cloud and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

With the help of software and hardware partners, Lenovo created a wide variety of remote workstation options. These solutions help AEC professionals improve efficiently, increase productivity, and manage complex projects remotely. Some of the key features of an AEC remote workstation are: 

Collaborative Design and VisualizationAEC projects involve intricate design workflows and 3D visualizations. With robust graphics capabilities, remote workstations allow professionals to work on complex models in real-time. This allows them to collaborate on design reviews and decisions without being restricted by location.
Access to Resource-Intensive ApplicationsAEC applications need high-performance computing (HPC) for rendering, simulations and data analysis. With remote workstations, AEC professionals are able to access high-performance applications from any location. This means that a full suite of tools is always available to support your workflows.
Data Security and ComplianceAEC manages sensitive project data, so data security is a top concern. When strong security measures are in place, remote workstations allow professionals to securely access and manage project files without compromising data integrity or industry standards.
Performance and Scalability

AEC professionals use workstations to run demanding software. This helps to streamline workflows, making them more efficient and responsive. Scalability also enables organizations to adjust computing resources as needed to meet changing project needs.
Cloud-Like Flexibility

Lenovo's TruScale organizations include many tools and procurement models that they would use with the public cloud.
Enhanced Project Management

For project stakeholders, remote workstations enable real-time access to project data. This allows dispersed teams to efficiently collaborate, reducing project delays and improving overall project performance.
Collaborative Decision-Making Tools

AEC professionals directly interact with project files through virtual meetings, markup, and annotations. This improves communication and decision-making processes, even when team members are working from home.
Training and Support

AEC professionals remotely receive assistance, training sessions, and troubleshooting. This ensures that teams are prepared to efficiently make the most of their workstation setups.

Lenovo Workstation Use Cases

Additionally, Lenovo provided us with 2 use cases for the workstations. 

Use Case 1

Firstly, a large engineering and construction firm moved to the Public Cloud during the pandemic. This was to ensure business continuity because the engineering staff shifted to remote work. Moving to the cloud gave users access to project data and the computing needed to run graphic-heavy applications. However, this impacted work productivity because engineers waited for data to download and sync to their local machines. There was also a decrease in performance from the desktop workstations. 

In order to enhance user experience and performance, the IT team adjusted their approach. They decided that a workstation with a high-performance remote protocol would satisfy their requirements in a datacenter. This meant high clock speeds (faster CPU) were required for their single-threaded design applications, a responsive user experience for onsite or remote locations, and lower costs. 

Use Case 2

Secondly, 80% of architects worked remotely in 2021. However, this percentage decreased as businesses adopted a hybrid model. In most cases, CAD/CAM users, CAE users, and BIM users have a workstation for both on-site and remote. The construction industry was facing a tough market, so they were looking for efficient ways to increase productivity.

As a result, a large architecture firm virtualized its workstations using Lenovo’s PX, a workstation inspired by Aston Martin’s workstation. Each user was assigned a dedicated GPU (NVIDIA A4000 ADA), along with other resources including CPU cores, memory, and storage. During the day, architects had enough power and performance to run applications and work from any location. At night, the system could easily be upgraded to a fully-fledged workstation with 120 CPU cores, 8 GPUs. 

RackSolutions and Lenovo Collaboration

The Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Ultra features a revolutionary form factor that is redefining the power of small form factor (SFF) workstations. With the latest 13th Gen Intel Core processors, up to NVIDIA RTX A5500 mobile graphics, fast memory, and cutting-edge storage, this workstation delivers superior performance and flexibility in a chassis. Key features include: increased performance, cost-savings, and reduced latency. 

Benefits of a Lenovo Workstation

  • Improved User Experience – The latest-generation hardware powers the graphic-intensive applications for users. By combining the hardware power with the correct remote protocol for your infrastructure, it increases productivity in a hybrid world.
  • Cost Savings – By providing a high-performance workstation for users, it prevents rapid Public Cloud costs and hidden Data Egress fees. 
  • Manageability – Lenovo’s Integrated Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) provides full out-of-band management (OOBM). This means complete control over remote workstations with API integration for dashboard and monitoring tools.
  • Enhanced Security –  The workstations used in a data center keep the data secure. The pixels are encrypted and securely linked to the end user, which secures the data and reduces the bandwidth consumption.
  • Flexibility – Opex or Capex payment models and integrated services support POCs and validate technologies for individual workflows. These services vary from Premier support, full managed services, and partner consulting services. 
  • Security – Protect your data by storing it on your hardware. With the increase in cybercrime, placing your IP on someone else’s server will put your data at risk. Encrypted pixel streaming (EPC) is a dependable and secure method of remote access, which also functions as an alternative to WAN data transmission. 

Lenovo Implementation 

In partnership with Lenovo, RackSolutions specifically designed the 5U HyperShelf for 7 Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Ultras to rack mount seven workstations within 5 rack units of space. This rack mount shelf provides a lower installation cost per device that doesn’t interfere with the power button or peripheral ports. We built this HyperShelf to perfectly optimize space and airflow so that the workstations will last and perform. The key features of the HyperShelf are: 

  1. High-density machine deployment 
  2. Provides optimal airflow through the system
  3. Easy serviceability and maintenance
  4. Scalability of the shelf design
  5. Cost to deploy or economics of using a Hypershelf

The cable management, power and cooling are integrated into the system to maximize density and performance. This is achieved by properly managing the thermal environment of each system. Furthermore, it is simple to manage every workstation with a built-in baseboard management controller (BMC), which provides out-of-band-management (OOBM) or a variety of third party remote management and monitoring tools.

Based on their workflow, the most optimal remote protocols and connection brokers are selected to provide the highest level of customer experience. Lastly, you can select from a range of services provided by Lenovo and its partners. This includes a fully managed service, a consulting service, or the ability to change from CAPEX-to-OPEX procurement model.

Lenovo Tradeshow Booth

Inspired by a bold vision to provide smarter technology for everyone, they continue to grow in areas such as server, storage, mobility, solutions and services. With Lenovo’s world-leading innovation, their growth creates an inclusive, trusted, and sustainable digital world for everyone. 

Lenovo will be attending 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024 in Dallas, TX at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center from February 11-14, 2024. To learn more about their products, Lenovo will be there to offer best-in-class complimentary service, hardware, and software solutions to fit your needs. 

RackSolutions will also be present at the Lenovo booth, where they will be showcasing our Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Ultras HyperShelf product. Our team of experts will be available to answer your questions, offer personalized demonstrations, and provide exclusive insights into how our Hypershelf solutions will revolutionize your business. 

RackSolutions HyperShelves and Rack Accessories

RackSolutions provides a variety of HyperShelves and rack accessories that are ready to order. We are absolutely ready to find the most effective way to fit your computing devices into our HyperShelves. With our high-quality, in house manufacturing, you can be confident that you are buying the best HyperShelf possible. 


Do You Need a Custom HyperShelf? 

Depending on your business needs, our engineers design solutions for custom products that go beyond workstation equipment. If you need a custom HyperShelf, then we can make it happen! You can contact our sales team and support for more information on custom products.

FAQs: HyperShelves

How do I manage airflow in the HyperShelf? 

Our HyperShelves feature integrated airflow for optimal cooling and thermal efficiency. The intake and exhaust separates hot and cold air from mixing, which increases airflow and cooling capacity. 

Are fans included?

Yes, exhaust fans are included with the Lenovo ThinkStation HyperShelf

Are the side panels removable?

The removable side panels are held in place by use of captive screws. For exact removal steps, refer to the installation instructions found in the delivered kit or on the model’s webpage under the “Instructions & Drawings” tab.

HyperShelf Installation Instructions
Lenovo HyperShelf Installation Instructions

Do you have any thermal testing?

We currently have in-house thermal testing data for our Lenovo ThinkStation HyperShelf. Future hypershelf projects will undergo in-house thermal testing if requested and if equipment availability allows.  

Do you have a cabling diagram?

Yes, you can refer to the 5U HyperShelf for 7 Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Ultras cable guide here

RackSolutions Designs Custom HyperShelf for Lenovo
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RackSolutions Designs Custom HyperShelf for Lenovo
HyperShelves are a high density and cost saving PC rack mounting solution for enterprise deployments and hyperscale data center environments. RackSolutions worked with Lenovo to design the 5U HyperShelf for 7 Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Ultras to rack mount seven workstations within 5 rack units of space. We built this HyperShelf to perfectly optimize space and airflow so that the workstations will last and perform.
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