Ascenty’s 10th Data Center Being Built in Sao Paulo


New Additions

Ascenty is the largest data center provider in Latin America. The company has broken ground on their latest facility in the city of Paulinia. This facility will be a 20MW data center. It will likely be used to expand high density colocation services. If all goes according to plan, the data center is projected to be fully operational during the second quarter of 2019.

This will be Ascenty’s 10th data center in the region. Long term plans entail having 15 in operation by the end of 2019.

Robert Rio Brancho, the marketing and institutional director at Ascenty, said, “The Campinas metropolitan region continues to be a main part of Ascenty’s expansion plans and the city of Paulinia is a great location for our new data center, close to the major highways that lead to the state capital and the region’s main cities where many major companies that partner with us are based.”

He continued, “The global data center market continues to show strong growth and Ascenty is leading the way in Latin America with its world-class infrastructure, quality of operations, proprietary fiber network and outstanding customer service.”

Project Details

In addition to their data center services, Ascenty also operates a fiber network with more than 4500 km of cable. Connecting their facilities and other important locations. This new facility will be about 80,000 square feet, and is budgeted to cost around $50 Million for the entire project.

Full details about the facility have not yet been released. In the past this company has made it a priority to ensure their facilities are top notch and operate in an energy efficient manner. Their data center in nearby Osasco recently installed a solar panel array to reduce overall emissions, costs, and environmental impact. It is likely that this new facility will use similar green energy options.