Kaiser Permanente Expanding California Data Center

New server racks, hardware and other data center equipment are heading to Napa, California, where Kaiser Permanente is working on a large-scale data center expansion project.

According to a recent North Bay Business Journal report, the upgrade will include a 43,000-square-foot addition to the facility’s southern end and a smaller, 11,600-square-foot, expansion to its northern end.

The project is expected to cost Kaiser Permanente approximately $30 million, and it will bring the facility’s total size to approximately 213,600 square feet, according to a city planning commission report.

City planner, Michael Allen, told the news source the project will likely begin within the month or shortly thereafter.

The Kaiser Permanente facility has hosted major technology companies, including Apple and financial industry leaders such as Citibank, the report said.

Data center expansions are becoming a key industry trend, as many companies are experiencing growing capacities and responding through new projects. Phoenix NAP, a colocation provider that has grown quickly during its first year of activity, recently announced plans to expand its primary data center that provides state-of-the-art network connectivity, security and reliability.

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Kaiser Permanente has plans to upgrade and expand its Napa, California data center with 43,000 square-foot and 11,600 square-foot additions, costing up to $30 million.
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