Many Data Centers Do Not Need an EPO

The emergency power off button is often one of those big red buttons that nobody can stop themselves from pressing. In data centers, they are often placed next to every exit door and are among the greatest causes of data center downtime, TechTarget reported.

Human error is the primary cause of data center failures, the report said, and that is the reason why EPOs are so dangerous. Disgruntled employees have been known to push the button on their last day at work. Others mistake it for a door access switch, and some just bump it by accident, according to the report.

Regardless of how it happens, the EPO instantly shuts off all power in the data center room.

The report said the EPO may not even be necessary in all facilities, as building code dictates server rooms only need an EPO under specific circumstances.

One of those circumstances is when cooling equipment is under raised floor space. Avoiding EPOs is a major reason behind the recent growth of slab flooring to handle server racks, the report said.

Slab flooring is also becoming more popular because it makes equipment more accessible and allows for more flexible server rack deployment, according to a recent video from the Uptime Institute.

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Many Data Centers Do Not Need an EPO - RackSolutions
Many data centers have an EPO, or emergency power off button, but with the dangers of human error and addition of slab flooring, this button is not necessary.
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