What is a Rack-to-Tower Conversion Kit?

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What is a Rack Server?

A rack server is a server specifically designed to be housed in a server rack. Rack mounted servers are known to have higher computing power than tower servers. Rack servers are typically mounted in larger quantities to produce a higher computing efficiency per square foot, as installing the server in a server rack allows for vertical stacking.

PowerEdge T330 Tower Server
PowerEdge T330 Tower Server


What is a Tower Server?

A tower server can best be defined as a server that is housed in an upright standalone cabinet. (See Beginners Guide to Server Racks for a detailed explanation of servers and server racks) ”

Tower servers are often mistaken for traditional PC’s because of their similar design. Because of this design, tower servers take up a sizeable amount of space and typically are seen in smaller environments.



Rack-to-Tower Conversion Kit

RackSolutions Universal Rack-to-Tower
RackSolutions Universal Rack-to-Tower

There are some situations where a traditional rack mounted server needs to be set up like a tower server. RackSolutions provides a Universal Rack-to-Tower conversion kit for this type of scenario. Rack-to-tower servers take up a lot less space than a traditional tower server because of their slender design.

The rack to tower server mount will allow you to take your rack mounted server and house it in a tower server configuration. There is no interference with front Bezel design when using one of RackSolutions universal rack to tower server.

Using a rack to tower server mount is an easy and affordable way to operate a high-end server without having to invest in a server rack. The server will operate as normal and the smaller footprint will save room. RackSolutions has a number of rack-to-tower conversion kits, order yours today!



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