How to Mount a Server in a 2-Post Rack

How to Mount a Server in a 2-Post Rack

2-post racks are a convenient option for many situations. They take up less room, provide easier access, and have a variety of other advantages that can be very attractive. Most servers, however, are designed for a traditional 4-post rack, which leaves many people wondering about how to mount a server in a 2-post rack.

2-Post Conversion Kit at Yahoo in 2001
2-Post Conversion Kit at Yahoo in 2001

Here at RackSolutions, we pioneered the concept of 2-post conversion kits back in 1999 when Yahoo! ran into the issue of not being able to mount Dell servers onto 2-post racks. Our engineers got to work and came up with a conversion kit that allowed Dell servers to be mounted in these racks in a convenient and safe way.

2-Post Conversion Kits

In order to mount a typical server into a 2-post rack, you will need one of our conversion kits. These kits include brackets that are mounted onto the 2-post rack itself. Each side of the rack will have two rails, which will extend out in either direction. These rails are secured to the main posts of the rack and provide the necessary mounting areas for the servers.

Each bracket in the conversion kit will have EIA square holes that are standard for 4-post rack. These kits can come in a variety of sizes ranging from 2U to 7U, making it possible to mount almost any type of server into a standard 2-post rack.

Server mounted in 2 Post Conversion Kit

The conversion kit is fastened to the 2-post rack in the middle using a brace in the center and rails sticking out in both directions. Each piece is secured in place using the provided screws, which are designed to support the weight of the servers.

Mounting the Servers

Once screwed in place, the servers themselves will be mounted in the same way that they would if you had a 4-post server rack. Slide the servers in between the two rails and then use the mounting screws to secure it in place. This will provide the server the support needed on both ends of it so it will remain securely in place without any unsafe pressure points.

The process can be repeated the entire height of the 2-post rack, providing you with sufficient space to mount multiple servers. When an entire 2-post server rack uses these conversion kits, it can hold the same number and type of servers as a full 4-post rack.

Protecting the Servers

Of course, a two-post rack doesn’t have the enclosure around it that a 4-post does, so it is still important to make sure to take care when working around these servers. If someone bumps into them, it could knock cables loose, or even damage the server. Fortunately, these racks are typically used in data centers and server closets where people don’t typically spend a lot of time. The process of mounting a server in a 2-post rack is surprisingly easy and affordable.