TDS Finishes Data Center Migration Process

Transitional Data Services recently completed a project to migrate Varian Semiconductor’s critical infrastructure, such as hardware and equipment racks, to a new data center.

Varian Semiconductor needed to have all of its critical data center infrastructure de-assembled and put back together in a three-month period, and TDS was able to come through.

Varian’s IT staff attributed the move’s success to TDS’ ability to plan effectively and perform other pre-move activities, such as equipment reviews. As a result, the project was able to operate on schedule until its conclusion, which actually came earlier than the original deadline.

Tim Schutt, principal and vice president of data center relocations for TDS, said the company’s transition manager made the data center migration easier to handle.

“Transition Manager’s real-time asset management gave both TDS and Varian visibility into all move events as they were happening. In addition, Varian used the Transition Manager tool to manage the movement of other less critical systems on their own,” said Schutt.

Data center migrations are becoming popular for organizations trying to upgrade their data centers without building a new facility. Recently, the Australian federal government added new vendors to its panel of companies that can support its data center migration project, DataCenter Dynamics reports.

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TDS Finishes Data Center Migration Process - RackSolutions
Transitional Data Services recently helped migrate Varian Semiconductor's infrastructure, including equipment racks, to a new data center. Migration has become popular over building an entirely new facility.
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