Walmart Building Data Center in Colorado Springs

After a long period of speculation and negotiation, Walmart recently confirmed that it plans to build a new data center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

Walmart’s decision to build a new facility filled with server racks in the city comes after months of negotiations. In the end, the deal represents an economic coup for the city, despite the number of incentives that needed to be provided to draw the project to the location, according to the report.

Doug Quimby, chairman of the Colorado Springs Regional Economic Development Corporation, told the news source the new project will have a major impact on the community.

“For Walmart to make an investment of this kind in our community says a lot about the business climate of our community and our openness to business,” Quimby told the Gazette.

The new data center will be built on 24 acres of land. Construction on the facility is expected to begin in October and will culminate in late 2012.

According to a recent DataCenter Dynamics report, Agilent is also planning to build a new data center in Colorado Springs. The projects are expected to create approximately $1 billion in economic growth during the next 15 years.

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Walmart Building Data Center in Colorado Springs - RackSolutions
Walmart recently confirmed plans to build a brand new data center in 2012 on 24 acres of land in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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