RackSolutions Acquires Seattle Based H-Squared


GREENVILLE, Texas – November 17, 2016 – RackSolutions, Inc., a market leader in custom data center infrastructure solutions and a wholly-subsidiary of Innovation First International (IFI), announced its acquisition of H-Squared. For years, the two companies have collaborated on projects for rack mounting Apple Mac minis and Mac Pros. RackSolutions procurement of H-Squared will help grow the product line, and will better suit the needs of its customers.
“We are excited about the opportunity to expand RackSolutions product line to include mounting solutions for Apple products,” commented Dan Mantz, President of RackSolutions. “Our engineers are already innovating on existing products and pushing full steam ahead on future product developments for the line.”

About H-Squared

H-Squared was founded by Jeremy Hubbell in Seattle, Washington in 2005 as a small consulting firm for customers interested in home automation. The company later expanded into a manufacturing and fabrication company, specializing in innovative designs for mounting electronics. H-Squared created mounting products for popular electronic devices such as Apple’s AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule, Apple TV, Mac mini, and Mac Pros. H-Squared serves customers all over the world, manufacturing their laser cut, acrylic products in Seattle.

About the Company’s Relationship

RackSolutions’ relationship with H-Squared began when the founder Mr. Hubbell needed a better way to mount Mac minis in a standard 19” rack. The company had already been using RackSolutions’ 1USHL-112 sliding shelf for earlier product generations, but needed a unique custom design to better fit H-Squared’s intended use. RackSolutions’ engineering and design teams worked together with Mr. Hubbell to devise a new solid, tool-less shelf. The custom sliding shelf allowed up to 4 Mac minis to be mounted onto an acrylic insert. The insert helped to direct airflow from the front of the rack to the back using a custom perforated plate on the shelf.
H-Squared now operates and is staffed by RackSolutions, Inc. located in Greenville, Texas. All equipment for manufacturing and fabrication, as well as sales and customer service, has moved from its original Seattle location, to RackSolutions’ Texas based manufacturing facility. This will allow the company to further grow by increasing its production capabilities and its ability to meet customer’s needs, as well as its global reach. Additionally, Racksolutions is stocking all H-Squared products so that products can ship the same day the order is received.
Dan Mantz concluded, “H-Squared’s experience in consumer products and plastics fabrication combined with RackSolutions manufacturing expertise will result in more products and solutions for our customers and distribution partners.”

RackSolutions Acquires Seattle Based H-Squared | RackSolutions
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RackSolutions Acquires Seattle Based H-Squared | RackSolutions
RackSolutions, a company specializing in data center infrastructure, has announced that it has officially acquired H-Squared after continuous collaboration.
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