Custom server bezel example

Custom Bezels For Your Server

  Have you ever been interested in custom bezels for your servers? We provide made-to-order designs on several Dell servers, but full customization for any server is also available. Let us brand your servers, choose from 11 colors, 4 hole…

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How to Farm Chia Coin, The Green Cryptocurrency

  Founded by BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen, Chia is a new cryptocurrency that promises a sustainable farming process. Due to unsustainable mining, cryptocurrency produces a huge amount of carbon emission. But what makes chia different from other cryptocurrency? Sustainable Farming…

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wall mount server racks

How to install a server wall mount rack

A wall mount rack is a great option for those who have less demanding computational needs a small space to work with. They typically allow equipment to install vertically so that they are flush to the wall and present a…

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how to rack a server

How to rack a server: Step by step installation

A server chassis is designed around its ability to be rack mounted. Over time, the industry adopted standards to make server rack installation easier for everyone. This is especially important to those who perform maintenance often or expand their server…

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