Adapter and Reducer Brackets Make Mounting Hardware Easy

Sometimes, data centers encounter problems in trying to mount mismatched equipment. Differences in widths, depths, and hole types can make mounting rack equipment a nearly impossible feat. RackSolutions’ 4Post adapters provide a convenient solution to many of these issues. Adapter brackets have many uses. They can be used to rack mount equipment that is too shallow or too deep. Reducer Brackets can be used to rack mount equipment that is not quite wide enough for the space at hand. RackSolutions’ 4Post adapter brackets make the hassle of mounting mismatched rack hardware a whole lot easier for the end user.

As previously mentioned, equipment is all too often too shallow or too deep to securely fit your rack. Adapter kits easily solve this problem by extending or reducing the depth of the rack. Mount shallow equipment by placing the brackets on the inside of the rack. Mount deeper equipment by placing the bracket on the outside of the rack. The adapter kits are available in various lengths from 0.59” (15 mm) all the way to 5” (127 mm). Additionally, the brackets range from 1U to 7U.

Adapter Kits
Adapter Kit

Versatile in functionality, these brackets can be used to convert round holes to square holes, allowing tool-less equipment, such as quick-rails, to be mounted. The adapter brackets can support equipment weighing up to 50 lbs. per rack unit.

Some data centers require wider racks to support wider equipment. However, that extra width can get in the way of mounting standard 19” equipment if necessary. For equipment that is not quite wide enough, RackSolutions’ Reducer Brackets come to the rescue. The Reducer, or “joggled”, Brackets allow 19” equipment to be mounted 23”and 24” racks. The Reducer Bracket also has a slight purposeful bend that allows the equipment to remain aligned to the rack’s frame. Like the adapter brackets, the Reducer Brackets support tool-less equipment. Likewise, the brackets can carry equipment as heavy as 50 lbs.

In short, both of these brackets are capable of serving to aide companies in working around a rack’s limitations. Whether it be too wide, too short, too deep, or even just wanting enable tool-less mounting to your rack, RackSolutions’ 4Post Adapter brackets are ideal for alleviating common rack mounting difficulties.

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Adapter and Reducer Brackets Make Mounting Hardware Easy
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Adapter and Reducer Brackets Make Mounting Hardware Easy
RackSolutions' Reducer Brackets allow 19” equipment to mount to 23”and 24” racks. Adapter kits make mounting make mounting shallow and deep equipment easy.
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RackSolutions' Reducer Brackets