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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are the adapter brackets sold as singles or in pairs?

Our brackets are sold in singles, pairs and kits of 4. There are different product pages for these pairings, so make sure to find the right page, and from there you can adjust the quantity.

+ What is a "U”?

“U” is shorthand for a Rack Unit. This is the standard for measuring mounting height in the server industry. 1U is the equivalent of three holes in a rack or 1.75 inches. A 1U rail will use the top and bottom hole to be mounted and leave the middle hole open for securing the server.

+ How is an open frame rack different than an enclosed rack?

Enclosed racks are also called “server cabinets” because all sides are closed off by panels and doors. Open panels have two or four posts and can be accessed from any side. The main differences are that enclosed racks have more security features, and can sometimes have more weight capacity or shock resistance. Open frame racks are less expensive, easier to perform maintenance on and still can be transformed into enclosed racks by purchasing panels.

+ When do orders ship out?

If orders are placed by 2:00 PM Central Time, they will be processed and shipped on the same day. Transit times include business days only. For Saturday Delivery service or other special shipping requests, please call sales at 888-505-RACK before placing the order.

+ What is a shelf flange?

A flange is a lip on the shelf that can be positioned up or down. An upwards flange helps secure equipment on the shelf, making it less likely to slide off. A downwards flange allows more access to the front of your equipment and allows it to be hung off of the shelf if needed.

+ How can I find equipment that is compatible with my exact server?

(When I search for rails for my R330 on your website it takes me to Part Number: 122-2579. This only shows that it is compatible with R320, R420, R620. Can you help me find what I need? )

If you are looking for OEM mounts, you can either search for your server or click on “solutions by brand.” There may be more servers that are compatible with OEM equipment than the title shows. Make sure to check in the “additional info” section of our product pages to ensure compatibility.  

On a related note, we carry many universal mounting products that will work with any server.

+ Do you have any White Racks?

We do not sell any White Racks on an individual basis. If you are purchasing in a large quantity, call us at 1(877)-707-5401 where we can work out details.

+ Do you have any drop-ship fees or minimums?

We do not have order minimums or charge fees for drop-shipping products.

+ I do not see what I need on your website. Do you offer other products?

RackSolutions takes pride in our ability to find creative solutions that make no compromises. We are proven “mounting problem solvers” whose contracting experience ranges from Microsoft to the Navy. If you are a company or institution who needs a product that doesn’t seem to be on the market, contact us at 1(877)-707-5401 to discuss your needs.

+ I need to make a tax exempt purchase. How do I do that?

To make a tax exempt purchase, you will first need to make an online account with us. After doing so, Please email us a copy of your tax exempt certificate to [email protected] (opens in a new tab) and include the email address associated with your account. After we set you up, we will reply to your email letting you know you are good to order!

+ What material thickness range are our cage nuts designed to fit into?

The maximum material thickness is 13Ga. (.089 inches or 2.26 millimeters) We do not have a minimum thickness.

+ What is the hole diameter on the Square Hole Alignment Washer (P/N 106-1577)?

The hole diameter is .192 inches or 4.88 millimeters.

+ Does RackSolutions use Carbon or Alloy steel?

The steel specification that we use it is "cold rolled low carbon, high-strength steel-alloy".

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