As of 04/01/2019 RackSolutions, Inc. will be collecting sales tax for all states (excluding NH, OR, MT, AK and DE) in which require the collection of sales taxes by online sellers. As of 04/01/2019 ALL tax-exempt resellers will need to have a tax-exempt form on file with RackSolutions AND place new orders through our sales team to be processed correctly. Please e-mail your tax-exempt forms or questions to Thank you for your understanding - RackSolutions

How to Create a Quote

Step 1:

Drag your mouse over the person icon and click the “Log in” tab.


Step 2:

If you are new to RackSolutions, create an account, if not log in with your email address and password


Step 3:

Once you have logged in, shop around RackSolutions for the product(s) you want to be quoted on


Step 4:

Once you have found the product(s) you are looking to be quoted for, add them to your cart


Step 5:

When you are done adding the product(s) you want a quote on, click on your shopping cart


Step 6:

Click “Proceed to Checkout”


Step 7:

Fill in the required information and then click “Continue””


Step 8:

Select your shipping method and then click “Continue””


Step 9:

Select “Generate Quote” and then click “Continue””


Step 10:

Ensure all your information is correct, then click “Place Order””


Step 11:

You will be prompted with a “Quote Received” landing page”


Step 12:

Check the email address you provided in the information section of the request a quote process, you will have a generated quote from RackSolutions!