KVM and Monitor Mounts

Control everything right from your rack

KVM mounts provide a place to mount your keyboard, monitor and mouse inside of your rack.

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  1. Pivot LCD Flushmount Kit - Monitor Mounted
    3U Adjustable Monitor Rackmount with Pan & Tilt (No Monitor)
    SKU: 163-6008
    100% (1)
    Flushmount any LCD
    monitor up to 20"
    3U Adjustable Monitor Rackmount with Pan & Tilt (No Monitor)
  2. 7U Monitor Rackmount with Monitor (163-8428)
    7U Monitor Rackmount with Monitor
    SKU: 163-8428
    0% (0)
    Easily mount flat panel monitor for video output
    7U Monitor Rackmount with Monitor
  3. 7U Flush Monitor Rackmount with Monitor (7U-RACKMON) Side View
    Flush Monitor Rackmount
    0% (0)
    As low as $299.99
    Easy to install display for video output
    Ideal solution for 2Post relay racks
    Flush Monitor Rackmount
  4. Compact Keyboard with Track Pad
    Keyboard with Touchpad
    73% (1)
    As low as $42.99
    An all-in-one keyboard
    perfect for server consoles
    Keyboard with Touchpad
  5. Sliding Rackmount Monitor Kit with monitor
    2U Shallow Sliding Rackmount Monitor Shelf
    0% (0)
    As low as $274.99
    Unique design maximizes rack space
    Mounts in any 4Post rack
    2U Shallow Sliding Rackmount Monitor Shelf
  6. Full Sized Keyboard Wallmount (104-2795)
    Keyboard Wallmounts
    0% (0)
    As low as $89.99
    Wall mount your keyboard wherever
    Tailor your workspace to your needs
    Keyboard Wallmounts
  7. Shallow Rackmount KVM (2UKVM-135) extended from rack
    2U 4Post Rackmount Sliding KVMs
    93% (2)
    As low as $399.99
    Rackmount KVM
    2U 4Post Rackmount Sliding KVMs
  8. 1U Sliding Keyboard Shelf with PS2 Keyboard and USB Converter (1UKYB-126)
    1U Sliding Keyboard Shelf
    100% (1)
    As low as $199.99
    Keyboard tray for server consoles
    Fits any 4 Post rack
    1U Sliding Keyboard Shelf
  9. Dell 17" LCD Monitor (DELL-LCD-17V)
    Dell 17" - 19" LCD Monitor
    0% (0)
    As low as $200.99
    LED back lighting for greater efficiency
    Compact monitor can fit into smaller spaces
    Dell 17" - 19" LCD Monitor
  10. PS/2 to USB Adapter KVM Cable (KVM-PS2-USB)
    PS/2 to USB Adapter KVM Cable
    0% (0)
    Converter Cable for USB to PS2
    Available in 2m, 3m, and 5m
    PS/2 to USB Adapter KVM Cable
  11. 4U Adjustable Monitor Rackmount (MON-BRK-163) with Monitor
    4U Adjustable Monitor Rackmount (No Monitor)
    SKU: MON-BRK-163
    96% (5)
    Universal Monitor Mount for Server Racks
    Easily installed in 4Post and 2Post racks
    4U Adjustable Monitor Rackmount (No Monitor)
  12. 1U KVM with 17" Monitor
    1U Sliding KVM with Keyboard, Trackpad and 17in Monitor (1 KVM Port)
    SKU: 185-5286
    0% (0)
    Manage server systems within a rack
    All-in-One keyboard, mouse, and monitor
    1U Sliding KVM with Keyboard, Trackpad and 17in Monitor (1 KVM Port)
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In case you were wondering

What is a rack mounted KVM? 

Rack mounted KVMs provide easy access to your equipment while it’s mounted in a server rack or cabinet. Designed to save space and manage equipment within a server rack, a rack mounted KVM allows you to control servers and PCs from a single keyboard, video display monitor, and mouse. For those who need to monitor a single PC or multiple servers from a central location, a rack mounted KVM is ideal for data centers, home offices, manufacturing facilities, and more.

What are the benefits of a rack mounted KVM? 

Instead of using a crash cart, a KVM that is directly attached to a server rack will prevent accidental damages and ensure that it will be secured in place. You can position the KVM at a comfortable height when sitting or standing, which is useful for those who need to spend an extended amount of time working on a server to get it up and working properly again. Instead of a traditional mouse, a KVM also uses a space saving trackpad to avoid excess movements.

How do I mount an LCD monitor in my rack? 

The simplest way to install a monitor or flat screen display is to use a flush mount bracket that allows monitors as large as 20” to be installed in a server rack. Designed to hold your monitor in place using standard VESA pattern (opens in a new tab), the flush mount rack monitor and universal rack mount monitor kit can be used to view data in control rooms, AV racks, and data centers.

About RackSolutions

At RackSolutions, we want our passion for creative engineering and build quality to come across every time you work with our products. For 20 years, we’ve been building data center infrastructure for some of the largest tech companies in the world and bringing those products straight to consumers. 

Contact us for questions or custom mounting needs.

+ Can you use a KVM in a 2 post rack?

Yes, while we do not sell any KVMs specifically for 2 post racks, we have converters that can make them compatible with 2 post racks. 

Our 2Post, Center Mount Conversion Brackets allow you to mount any 4 post rails or shelves within dimensional constraints to a 2 post rack. Before purchasing, make sure that the KVM fits within the weight capacity of the 2 post conversion bracket.

+ Do KVM mounts come with monitors?

No, our KVM mounts are specialized shelves designed to mount some combination of a keyboard, monitor or mouse. Unless specified, they do not include equipment that you might choose to mount on them. 

Our KVM, on the other hand, has a monitor, mouse and trackpad built into the shelf. This was done to minimize the form factor and provide an easy deployment. 

+ What KVM is most compact? 

Our 1U KVM 1 Port Console with 17” Monitor is the most compact KVM we carry and only takes up 1U of rack space. 

Our KVM mounts that use VESA to attach monitors only take 1U to mount, but the monitors themselves will require 2U.

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