Rack to Tower Mounts

Convert rack servers to tower servers

A stand-alone solution for mounting rackmount servers vertically. Turn your server into a desktop.

In case you were wondering

+ Will my server work with the Universal Rack-to-Tower Kit? 

Whether your server was made by Dell, HP, IBM or any other manufacturer, your 1U to 2U server should fit.

+ What are some Rack-To-Tower alternatives? 

The unique feature about Rack-to-Tower kits is that they allow you to mount a server using the bare minimum materials. There are similar options for those only looking to mount a few units of equipment. 

Our 1U Wall Mount Rack offers a similar amount of rack space but with the added ability to mount it on a wall with a cover. While it’s functionally similar, it blends into the environment for a cleaner look. 

We carry products for different sized equipment and different security needs that can mount servers on a wall including the 2U Secure Wallmount Rack, Secure Vertical 5U Wall Mount Rack and Vertical Wall Mount Rack Bracket 1U - 4U.

+ What does ‘Universal’ mean? 

All of our products with the word ‘Universal’ in the name are cross compatible with different brands of servers. Manufacturers intend servers to be mounted using their keyholes, which are laid out in different orientations depending on the brand. 

Our Universal Rack Rails, like the Universal Rack-to-Tower Kits work with any server within a range of dimensional constraints. They do this by mounting the server without using keyhole slots.

About RackSolutions

At RackSolutions, we want our passion for creative engineering and build quality to come across every time you work with our products. This is why you will notice that every one of our mounts are tailored to provide a perfect balance between ease of installation and security. 

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