Rack mount products for maximum compatibility


RackSolutions came into the server rack industry with a product that solved a mounting incompatibility issue for Yahoo. Ever since, we’ve designed our mounting products with functionality in mind. 

Here, we’ll show you how choosing to use our products is synonymous to preparing for any situation. 

Mount rails or shelves in any rack


Almost all of our rails and shelves are able to mount in round, threaded and square hole racks. They come with all hardware necessary for any of the mentioned installations. 

Square hole racks: Use cage nuts with corresponding size screws

Round hole racks: Use square nuts and corresponding size screws

Threaded racks: Use the threads that your rack was pre-tapped to accommodate. Usually 12-24, 10-32 or M6. 

Our server racks utilize square holes as they are the most widely compatible. The only mounting equipment that you will not be able to use in non-square hole racks are tool-less or quick rails.

4 post shelf or rail in 2 post rack

2 post conversion kit
Sometimes, it’s more cost effective for an establishment to use 2 post racks that they already own, even though they need to mount 4 post equipment. 

This is the problem that our 2 post center mount and flush mount conversion kits solve. They offer the support and balance that your 2 post rack needs to mount full sized equipment. 

Once installed, appropriately sized rails and shelves will mount in the conversion kit just as they would on a 4 post rack. 

2 post shelf or rail in a 4 post rack 

Mount rack shelf three ways
Unfortunately, there is no easy conversion kit for this situation. Making 2 post shelves or rails compatible with 4 post racks requires that you purchase a convertible shelf or rail beforehand. 

The good news is that we have tons of options for this situation. Whether you need a light-duty or standard shelf, or server specific rails, many of our options are designed to be cross compatible. 

Mount 19” equipment in 23” or 24” racks 

RackSolutions' Reducer Brackets

Most racks are 19” in width, but some special purpose racks can stretch as wide as 23” or 24”. Because most equipment is designed for the more common, narrow racks, those with 23” or 24” racks might end up needing to mount some more standardized equipment. 

Our Reducer Brackets do exactly that. We sell one pair that fits 19” equipment into 23” racks and another that fits them into 24” racks. Each bracket is 2U tall, but they can be stacked to accommodate taller equipment. 

When shelves and rails are too long for racks

Use an adapter bracket. These will extend the mounting depth of your rack and allow you to fit longer equipment. They come in a variety of U heights and can be stacked. 

In order to get the right fit, you will need to know what shape your upright is. Upright compatibility for each adapter bracket is included in the product descriptions. If you don’t get the right one, then your IT equipment might not fit properly. 

When shelves and rails are too short for racks 

Again, use an adapter bracket. Not only can these extend the mounting depth of your rack, but by flipping them around, you can also decrease the mounting depth. 

The same upright compatibility aspect applies when depth is reduced. Make sure that the shape of your upright matches with the compatibility in the description. 

Convert 2 post shelf orientation 

If you would like to adjust a cantilever shelf to be center mounted or flush mounted, you will need to prepare before-hand. We designed a configurable 2 post rack shelf that is able to do all of this and more. 

The magic is all possible due to the fact that the mounting bracket is detached from the shelf itself. This allows you to remove, flip and adjust the shelf to mimic stand-alone center mounted, flush mounted and cantilever shelves. 

It’s best explained by this GIF

configurable 2 post shelf gif

Server specific rails that are ready for any type of mounting 

Cobra 79 Rails for Dell

Our new Cobra Rails for Dell product line-up are as simple and functional as server rails can get. We got rid of the long descriptive names, and released something that was simple and ultra-compatible. 

One of the few rails in our product line-up will be able to fit your 11th gen or newer server in a 2 post or 4 post rack, without any extra purchases needed. The 4 post depth is adjustable from 3-30” and the 2 post center mounts support racks with 3-6” uprights. 

Many of our other HP, IBM, and Fujitsu server specific rails have the same functionality.

Thinking of configurable products that we don’t offer?

We love working with clients to develop the best possible solution for their needs. If you have any ideas, contact us and we can make it happen. 

Our engineers have decades of experience working on IT infrastructure. With in house designing, manufacturing and fulfillment, we can get prototypes out FAST.

Rack mount products for maximum compatibility
Article Name
Rack mount products for maximum compatibility
RackSolutions came into the server rack industry with a product that solved a mounting incompatibility issue for Yahoo. Ever since, we’ve designed our mounting products with functionality in mind. 
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Mount rails or shelves on any rack