Individual Cage Nuts & Screws

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Cage nuts convert square holes to round

  • Compatible with industry standard 3/8" square hole racks
  • 12-24 threads are used with most racks
  • 10-32 threads are used with Dell equipment, audio racks
  • M6 metric threads are used with HP equipment
  • 10-32 and 12-24 1/2" screws are pilot point

Rack Screws

A cage nut is used on a rack that has square mounting holes. You would use a cage nut when you need to mount a product in your rack that requires a threaded hole. A cage nut is nothing more than a square nut that has threaded holes wrapped in a piece of spring steel designed like a cage. This spring steel has two flanges that when pressed together allow the cage nut to be inserted into the square hole and simply clip in. When this is done, you now have a square hole that is threaded. The nut is typically loose in the cage to allow for adjustments when installing the screw.

There are 3 common sizes for cage nuts. These sizes are 10-32, 12-24, and M6. The size you will require is determined by the product you are mounting. We recommend you purchase the corresponding screw to go with the cage nut. This makes the installation easier if you happen to select the wrong size cage nut.

World’s Best Cage Nut Tool (desktop image)World’s Best Cage Nut Tool (mobile image)

World’s Best Cage Nut Tool

Use this Cage Nut Tool from RackSolutions for ease of installation of cage nuts in square hole racks.

World’s Best Cage Nut Tool  (desktop image)World’s Best Cage Nut Tool  (mobile image)

Tool Creates Ease of Use

Don't tear up your fingers trying to install or uninstall those pesky cage nuts

More Information
BABA Compliant No
RoHS Compliant Yes
TAA Compliant Yes
UL Compliant No
ETL Compliant No
Country of Manufacture United States
Dell Part Number CAGENUT-1224-50PK: A7453991
SCREW-1032-500-50PK: A1708661
SCREW-1032-375-25PK: AB005511
SCREW-1224-375-25PK: A8781355
SCREW-1224-500-50PK: AB452305
SCREW-M6-10-25PK: AB005512
SCREW-M6-16-25PK: AB005513
For a full list of Dell SKUs setup in the Dell ordering system visit our Dell SKU page.
Synnex Part Number BOLT-1224-500-25PK - 6043184
CAGENUT-1032-100PK - 5386853
CAGENUT-1224-100PK - 5363375
CAGENUT-1224-25PK - 6433120
CAGENUT-1224-50PK - 6043182
CAGENUT-M6-100PK - 5574198
SCREW-1032-500-100PK - 5388777
SCREW-1032-500-25PK - 5386855
SCREW-1032-500-50PK - 6433136
SCREW-1032-625-25PK - 5386856
SCREW-1032-750-50PK - 5386857
SCREW-1224-500-100PK - 5137060
SCREW-1224-500-25PK - 5137052
SCREW-1224-500-50PK - 5137058
SCREW-1224-625-25PK - 5363373
SCREW-M6-16-100PK - 5890791
Ingram Part Number CAGENUT-1032-100PK - 3R6208
CAGENUT-1032-25PK - YM3556
CAGENUT-1032-50PK - Q49827
CAGENUT-1224-25PK - ZL6599
CAGENUT-1224-50PK - Q49826
CAGENUT-M6-50PK - Q49828
SCREW-1032-375-25PK - 7GB068
SCREW-1032-500-25PK - YM3557
SCREW-1032-500-50PK - Q49830
SCREW-1032-625-25PK - ZM2826 SCREW-1032-750-25PK - YM3558
SCREW-1224-375-25PK - ZL6600
SCREW-1224-500-100PK - 2FN912
SCREW-1224-500-25PK - ZL6601
SCREW-1224-500-50PK - Q49829
SCREW-1224-625-25PK - ZM2827
SCREW-M6-10-25PK - 7GB069
SCREW-M6-16-25PK - 7GB070
SCREW-M6-16-50PK - Q49831
Finish 12-24 threaded cage nuts have a black oxide finish
10-32 threaded cage nuts have a clear zinc, silver finish
M6 threaded cage nuts have a gold, chromate finish

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