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Rack 111 Accessories

Availability: In stock

Rack 111 Accessories
  • 44U Side Panels
    44U Side Panels
  • 36U Side Panels
    36U Side Panels
  • Air Dam
    Air Dam
  • Rack 111 Casters
    Rack 111 Casters
  • Rack Top with Cable Passthrough holes
    Rack Top with Cable Passthrough holes
  • Button Mount Adapter
    Button Mount Adapter
  • Rack Top
    Rack Top
  • Cable Management Bar
    Cable Management Bar
  • Rack 111 Accessories
    Rack 111 Accessories

Protect Your Equipment

  • Rack tops and side panels protect equipment from dust and debris
  • Side panels come fit 28.875" depth racks at almost any height
  • Rack Top options to fit 28", 24" and 20" racks
  • Rack tops with cable pass-through holes are also available

Control Airflow

  • Direct airflow to equipment with Air Dams
  • Top and side Air Dams sold separately
  • 5" and 10" Air Dam tops available
  • Air Dam height adjustable from 44U - 58U

Easy to Maneuver

  • Optional casters for easy movement
  • Caster kit with leveling feet also available
  • Baying kit for putting racks side by side

Cable Management

  • 5" and 11" wide vertical cable management options
  • Mount to rack without taking up any rack units
  • Brackets available for mounting PDUs to the cable bars
Rack Solutions Promise

Side Panel Kits

Product Name SKU Price Qty
55U Side Panel Kit-28"D 102-1709
24U Side Panel Kit-28"D 102-1773
30U Side Panel Kit-28"D 102-1774
36U Side Panel Kit-28"D 102-1775
44U Side Panel Kit-28"D 102-1776
50U Side Panel Kit-28"D 102-1777
16U Side Panel Kit-28"D 102-2260
58U Side Panel Kit-28"D 102-2453

Out of stock

Product Name SKU Price Qty
Top for Rack 111 28"D w/ cable pass-throughs (black) 113-1832
Top for Rack 111 28"D w/out cable pass-throughs (black) 113-1834

Out of stock

Top for Rack 111 20"D w/ cable pass-throughs (black) 113-3065
Top for Rack 111 24"D w/out cable pass-throughs (black) 113-3604
5" Top Air Dam 123-2101
10" Top Air Dam 123-2267
Adjustable Side Air Dam 123-4170
Air Dam, Adapter, 5" to 10", Top 123-4265
Air Dam Floor Skirt Kit 123-4266
58U, 5" Vertical Cable Organizer 137-2412

Out of stock

44U, 11" Vertical Cable Organizer 137-4196
58U, 11" Vertical Cable Organizer 137-4634
50U, 11" Vertical Cable Organizer 137-4650
55U, 11" Vertical Cable Organizer 137-4651

Out of stock

Button Mount Adapter for Rack 111 101-5314
Caster Kit with leveling feet for Rack 111 131-4777


RackSolutions offers a wide variety of accessories for the Rack 111 Open Frame Rack including side panels, cable management, rack tops, PDUs, and our Air Dam, all exclusive to our Rack 111.

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