Air Dams for Open Frame Rack Model 111

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Provides Partial Aisle Containment

  • Manages your rack's airflow
  • Provides a partial cold aisle containment solution
  • Alternative to a full aisle containment system
  • Compatible only with Rack Model 111
  • Top & Side Air Dams sold separately
  • Quick & Easy installation
  • Choose from 5" or 10" sizes
  • Adjustable from 44U - 58U heights

NOTE: Only compatible with the RackSolutions Open Frame Rack 111

RackSolutions Air Dams allow for airflow that was originally lost in a data center to be captured and recirculated into your servers racks and equipment, rather than the ceiling. The top air dam captures air that has been blowing upward from the floor grates so that the top components in the rack receive ample airflow. Meanwhile, the side air dams go on the ends of each row of racks to assist in keeping the cool air boxed in. Choose between a 5" or 10" air dam that runs the length of the Rack 111. The adjustable size of the side air dams allows this option to work with Rack 111's in heights from 44U-58U.

Air dam for top of rack Air dam for top of rack

The top Air dams make it harder for the cold air to escape from the top of the cold aisle. The air dams also make it where the air from the hot aisle has a longer distance to travel before reaching the cold aisle.

side of rack air damside of rack air dam

The Side Air Dams sit on the end of the cold aisle, offering a "partial containment" solution, preventing cold air from escaping.

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RoHS Compliant Yes
TAA Compliant Yes
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