Blanking Panels

Control your rack's airflow

Blanking panels fill empty U spaces in your rack while preventing air leakage. 

In case you were wondering

+ What do blanking panels do?

Blanking panels close off open space in a server rack. They mount to the front of your rack just like any other equipment, except their main use is to help control airflow.

Cooling is most effective when cold air comes through the front of your rack and exits through the back. Blanking panels block hot air from leaking out of the front, where it has a chance of being recirculated through your equipment and increasing temperatures.

+ What tools will I need?

If you have a square rack, you will need 12-24 screws along with 12-24 cage nuts. For threaded racks, you will use whatever sized screw your rack accepts. Round hole racks will need a square nut along with the appropriate sized screw. 

The blanking panel kits come with 12-24 screws and 12-24 cage nuts.

+ Will OCP Filler Panels work with any kind of rack?

Filler Panels for OCP racks are designed to work with racks that satisfy Open Computing Project standards. These racks are compatible with 21” width equipment rather than the more common 19”.

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