Dell Skus

RackSolutions also known as Innovation First International works to support Dell and their representatives. Our list of Dell SKUs is a quick way to identify RackSolutions products that have already been setup in the Dell ordering system. 

RackSolutions Part #

Dell SKU


101-5195AA238775Drawer Support Bracket
101-5314AB011314Button Mount Adapter for Rack 111
101-6883AB5409401U, 2Post Conversion Kit
102-1474A42840391U Tool-Less Blanking Panel
102-1475A42905912U Tool-Less Blanking Panel
102-1822A70073891U Universal Blanking Panel
102-1823A55407702U Universal Blanking Panel
102-1863AB36580212U x 4U, Side Panel
102-1881A72872521U Vented Universal Blanking Panel
104-1952A4417547Dell Optiplex 780 USFF Wall Mount - Tilt Monitor
104-1965A5742989Dell Optiplex 780 USFF Wall Mount - Fixed Monitor
104-2109A7061694Universal Wall Mount (2.35" to 3.75")
104-2202A5498923Monitor Wall Mount
104-2323A7248086Dell Optiplex 790 SFF Wall Mount - Fixed Monitor
104-2324A5777178Dell Optiplex 790 SFF Wall Mount - Tilt Monitor
104-2795A7622821Full Keyboard Wall Mount
104-4778A8930318Secure Wall Mount for Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF
104-4935A8930317Dell OptiPlex Micro Wall Mount - Tilt
104-5005A8930316Dell OptiPlex Micro Wall Mount - Fixed
104-5490A9522984Dell Inspiron & Optiplex SFF Wall Mount
106-1928A7077417Cage Nut Tool
107-2237A727012829" Adjustable Rack Shelf - Flanges Down
108-0991A5713398Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf, 900 lb capacity
108-4013A7779437Light Duty Server Rack Shelf 24"
108-4261A806205723" Wide Server Rack Shelf- Light Duty
109-1737A5229755Dell PowerEdge R810, R815 & Precision R5500, R7610 Rack Rails
109-1837A4644380Dell PowerEdge R830, R820, R520, R530, R740XD Rack Rails
109-8421AB8920282U Wide Equipment Universal Rail 24in Depth with Wirebar
111-1725A060813828.875" Depth Kit (Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco compatible)
111-1726A893031124U, Rack-111 Post Kit (48")
111-1728A111923436U, Rack-111 Post Kit (69")
111-1729A060814044U, Rack 111 Post Kit (83")
111-1731A5698624Caster Kit for Open Frame RACK-111
112-2167A67826731U Sliding Shelf Rail Kit for Dell Precision T3600, T5600
114-4658A8500541Wall Mount for Dell Wyse 7000 Series
115-1516A5394226Tool-less Shelf - Medium Duty, Black (without CMA)
115-1526AB250753Sliding Equipment Shelf without CMA
115-4044AB186492Extreme Heavy Duty Sliding Shelf (500 lbs)
115-4779A89303062 Post Rack Sliding Half Shelf
115-5029AB043628Light Duty Laptop Shelf
115-5042A8868832Dell Precision PC Sliding Shelf for 4 Post Rack
115-7844AB490256HyperShelf for Dell Precision 3240
115-8765AC2001985U HyperShelf for 8 Dell Precision 3260 Compact Workstation
118-1619A72748501U - 2U Universal Rack-to-Tower Conversion Kit
118-4062AA7518401U Universal Rack-to-Tower Conversion Kit
119-1591A49736864U space - 9.13" overall
119-1752A460363712U space - 24.70" overall
119-1781A491523815U space - 29.95" overall
119-1754A49863146U space - 12.63" overall
119-1755A46036529U space - 17.88" overall
119-5028A89303074U Vertical Wall Mount Rack
120-3662A75123342U Sliding Rail Kit for Dell Precision T7600
121-6522AB399910TechEdge 25U 2 Post Rack Square Holes
122-2579A62896661U Rail Kit for Dell PowerEdge R6415, R6515 Servers
122-2580A62390582U Rail Kit for Dell PowerEdge R7515, R540, R720, R730, R740 Servers
122-6726AA7685681U RackSpace Rails
122-6947AB0031632U Rail Kit for Dell PowerEdge R840 Servers
122-7390AB3999041U Cobra 90 Rail for Dell
122-7650AB4902711U Cobra 50 Rail for Dell
124-2247A7609597Secure Server Unit
137-1733A7455373D-Ring Cable Clips (4 Pack)
137-1948A8124498Offset Cable Lacing Bar
137-4273AB35215018U Vertical Cable Management Bar
137-4276AB00019032U Vertical Cable Management Bar
160-5030AA2387722U Lockable Rackmount Drawers 18"
180-4409AB3083051U Horizontal Cable Manager with Metal D-Rings
180-4410AB2524641U Horizontal Cable Manager with Plastic D-Rings
180-5745AB2964161U Snap-In Tool-Less Blanking Panel (Plastic)
185-4762A870350015U x 600mm Wall Mount Cabinet-Single Section
185-4764A87034989Ux 600 mmx 600mm Swing Out Wall Mount Cabinet
185-5286AB1496501U KVM 1 Port Console with 17" Monitor
151DC-4071A8058820Data Center Rack 42U X42"D X 24"W
151DC-4488AB009687Data Center Rack 48U X48"D X 24"W
151SW-4562AB41995737U Data Center Rack 600mm x 1070mm
151SW-4563AB304910Data Centre Rack 42U, 600mm x 1070mm
151-3204A7110959BTO, Rack, DC, 16Ux40x24, Assembled, Shock Pallet
151-3500A750600116U Office Cabinet with Key Lock
1UBRK-059A68197961U Bracket, 2-bends, 0.59" deep
1UBRK-350A33672371U Bracket, 4-bends, 3.50" deep
1UBRK-R4A3211789Dell PowerEdge R410, R310, R210, NX300 Fixed Rails
1UCMA-137A09481341U Cable Management Arm
1UCROSSBAR-120A589825229" Adjustable Rack Shelf - Flanges Up
1UKIT-009A03899741U, 2Post Rack Rails
1UKIT-106A00136461U Adapter Bracket Set
1UKIT-109A72722821U, Universal Rack Rails
1UKIT-109-20A27789991U, 20" Rackmount Rails
1UKIT-109-QRA28492141U, Tool-less Rack Rails
1UKIT-109-31A27788041U, 31" Rackmount Rail
1UKYB-126A04310561U Shelf with PS/2 Keyboard - USB Converter
1UKYB-126-USBA56533831U Shelf with USB Keyboard
1URACK-110A00218531U Wallmount Rack
1URACK-119A04149871U Vertical Wall Mount Rack
1URAIL-R6A3460598Dell PowerEdge R610 Slide Rails
1URAIL-R6-CMAA2954917Dell PowerEdge R610 Slide Rails with CMA
1USHL-022HALF-7DVA04451882 Post Rack Shelf - 7" Vented, Flanges Down
1USHL-022HALF-7USAB2915492 Post Rack Shelf - 7" Solid, Flanges Up
1USHL-022HALF-7UVA07620562 Post Rack Shelf - 7" Vented, Flanges Up
1USHL-108A7455372Fixed Rack Shelf - 24" Depth
1USHL-112A7455352Sliding Computer Shelf - 24" (with CMA)
1USHL-115A0134097Sliding Equipment Shelf with CMA
1USHL-116A7258943Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf, 500 lb capacity
1USHL-139A1195458Laptop Sliding Shelf
1USHL-MAT-THINA7578680Thin Anti Slip Mat
2POST-2UKITA04212072U, 2Post Conversion Kit
2POST-4UKITA05326264U, 2Post Conversion Kit
2POST-5UKITA05587415U, 2Post Conversion Kit
2POST-7UKITA80941087U, 2Post Conversion Kit
2UARM-R7A9227353Cable Management Arm for 2URAIL-R7
2UBRK-000CAB0649532Post Conversion Bracket for 3" uprights
2UBRK-000C-5AB0649492Post Conversion Bracket for 5" uprights
2UBRK-059-FULLA60386572U Bracket, 2-bends, 0.59" wide
2UBRK-200-FULLA39292332U Bracket, 4-bends, 2.00" wide
2UBRK-270-FULLA88591152U Bracket, 4-bends, 2.70" deep
2UBRK-23J-PAIRA12927102U, 23" to 19" Joggled Reducer Brackets (pair)
2UBRK-24J-PAIRA13096602U, 24" to 19" Joggled Reducer Brackets (pair)
2UBRK-350-FULLA41824702U Bracket, 4-bends, 3.50" wide
2UBRK-R7A2897446Dell PowerEdge R710 Rack Rails
2UCMA-137A07880672U Cable Management Arm
2UKIT-009A55482862U, 2Post Rack Rails
2UKIT-101A77642682U Adapter Bracket Set
2UKIT-109A70082762U, Universal Rack Rails
2UKIT-109-31A27789972U, 31" Rackmount Rail
2UKVM-125USBAB131755Rackmount KVM, USB Keyboard, without Monitor
2URACK-119A06465382U Vertical Wall Mount Rack
2URAIL-2950A0741949Dell 2950, 2970, R5400 Slide Rails
2URAIL-R7A2993121Dell PowerEdge R710 Slide Rails
2USHL-020FULL-20VA8169465Configurable Relay Rack Shelf - 20" Vented
2USHL-022FULL-20DSA742304920" 2Post Shelf, Solid, Flanges Down
2USHL-022FULL-20DVA047550020" 2Post Shelf, Vented, Flanges Down
2USHL-022FULL-20UVA162369620" 2Post Shelf, Vented, Flanges Up
2USHL-022FULL-20USA908283220" 2Post Shelf, Solid, Flanges Up
2USHL-022HALF-13DVA04451912 Post Rack Shelf - 13" Vented, Flanges Down
2USHL-022HALF-13USA05394322 Post Rack Shelf - 13" Solid, Flanges Up
2USHL-022HALF-13UVA07547082 Post Rack Shelf - 13" Vented, Flanges Up
2USHL-130A0608912Heavy Duty, Sliding, Rack Mount Shelf with CMA
3UKIT-009A89303033U, 2Post Rack Rails
3UKIT-109A70082693U, Universal Rack Rails
3UKIT-109-31A72003093U, 31" Rackmount Rail
3URACK-119A05863733U Vertical Wall Mount Rack
3USHL-022FULL-29DVA05820302Post Shelf, Vented, Flanges Down, 29"
3USHL-024FULL-29USA589825229" Adjustable Rack Shelf - Flanges Up
7U-RACKMONA07071297U Flush Rack Mount Monitor
CAGENUT-1224-50PKA7453991Cage Nuts 12-24 (50 pack)
MON-BRK-163A3456978Universal Rack Mount Monitor Bracket
RACK-117-12A851254112U Portable Server Rack
RACK-117-COVERSA1263898Front and Rear Covers
RACK-117-MOBILE-KITA1470577Heavy Duty Casters and Lifting Handles
RACK-151-18UA094332718U Server Rack Cabinet (39.44")
RACK-151-22UA094200222U Server Rack Cabinet (46.44")
RACK-151-27UA096436827U Server Rack Cabinet (55.19")
RACK-151-32UA747514032U Server Rack Cabinet (64.94")
RACK-151-37UA162122037U Server Rack Cabinet (72.78")
RACK-151-42UA114981542U Server Rack Cabinet (81.44")
RACK-151-BAYAB391528Baying Kit for RACK-151
RACK-151-FANTRAY-6A2919081Fantray with 6 Fans for RACK-151 Server Rack
RACK-TRANSPORT-30-6A74978856U, 29" Deep - Transport Case Rack
RACK-TRANSPORT-30-8A06903138U, 29" Deep - Transport Case Rack
RACK-TRANSPORT-CASTERSAA902091Casters for Transport Case Rack (Pack of 4)
SCREW-1032-500-50PKA1708661Screw 10-32 x 1/2" Pilot Point (50 Pack)
SCREW-1032-375-25PKAB005511Screw 10-32 x 3/8" (25 Pack)
SCREW-1224-375-25PKA8781355Screw 12-24 x 3/8" (25 Pack)
SCREW-1224-500-50PKAB452305Screw 12-24 x 1/2" Pilot Point (50 Pack)
SCREW-M6-10-25PKAB005512Screw M6 x 10mm (25 Pack)
SCREW-M6-16-25PKAB005513Screw M6 x 16mm (25 Pack)
WALL-MOUNT-PCA0361857Universal PC Wall Mount

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