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Dell Skus

RackSolutions works to support Dell and their representatives. Our list of Dell SKUs is a quick way to identify RackSolutions products that have already been setup in the Dell ordering system.

RackSolutions Part # Dell Sku Description
102-1474 A4284039 1U Tool-less Filler Panel, Flanged
102-1475 A4290591 2U Tool-less Filler Panel, Flanged
102-1822 A7007389 1U Filler Panel with Stability Flanges
102-1823 A5540770 2U Filler Panel with Stability Flanges
102-1825 A5540792 4U Filler Panel with Stability Flanges
102-1826 A7097764 5U Filler Panel with Stability Flanges
104-1952 A4417547 Dell Optiplex 780 USFF Wall Mount - Tilt Monitor
104-1965 A5742989 Dell Optiplex 780 USFF Wall Mount - Fixed Monitor
104-2094 A4844503 Dell Optiplex 780 SFF Wall Mount - Fixed Monitor
104-2095 A5602172 Dell Optiplex 780 SFF Wall Mount - Tilt Monitor
104-2109 A7061694 Universal Wall Mount (2.35" to 3.75")
104-2202 A5498923 Monitor Wall Mount
104-2323 A5406253 Dell Optiplex 790 SFF Wall Mount - Fixed Monitor
104-2324 A5777178 Dell Optiplex 790 SFF Wall Mount - Tilt Monitor
104-2380 A5557176 Dell FX170 Wall Mount - Fixed
105-2046 A7781123 15U, Front Cover for Open Frame Wall Mount Rack
105-1753 A7781124 12U, Front Cover for Open Frame Wall Mount Rack
105-2047 A7781126 21U, Front Cover for Open Frame Wall Mount Rack
106-1928 A7077417 Cage Nut Tool
107-2237 A7270128 29" Adjustable Rack Shelf - Flanges Down
108-0991 A5713398 Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf, 900 lb capacity
108-4013 A7779437 Light Duty Server Rack Shelf 24"
109-1737 A5229755 Dell PowerEdge R810, R815 & Precision R5500, R7610 Rack Rails
109-1837 A4644380 Dell R510 Rack Rails (11 - 34" Mounting Depth)
109-1872 A7738308 Dell R510 Rack Rails - 2Post Flush or Center Mount
109-1953 A5314966 Dell R210, R220 Fixed Rails - Shallow Mounting Depth
111-1725 A0608138 28.875" Depth Kit (Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco compatible)
111-1726 A8930311 24U, Rack-111 Post Kit (48")
111-1728 A1119234 36U, Rack-111 Post Kit (69")
111-1729 A0608140 44U, Rack 111 Post Kit (83")
111-1731 A5698624 Caster Kit for Open Frame RACK-111
112-2167 A6782673 Sliding Shelf/Rails for Dell T3600 or T5600
114-0922 A3727697 Optiplex All-In-One w/ cover for Desktop & Monitor
114-1548 A3705596 Optiplex All-In-One for Desktop & Monitor
114-1680 A4629132 All-in-One for Dell OptiPlex 780, 790, 7010, and 9020 USFF
114-3973 A7727495 Dell Venue 11 Enclosure
114-4267 A8277407 Desk Mount for Tablet
114-4268 A8277406 Wall Mount for Tablet
114-4658 A8500541 Wall Mount for Dell Wyse 7000 Series
115-1516 A5394226 Tool-less Shelf - Medium Duty, Black (without CMA)
118-1619 A7274850 1U - 2U Universal Rack-to-Tower Conversion Kit
119-1591 A4973686 4U space - 9.13" overall
119-1752 A4603637 12U space - 24.70" overall
119-1781 A4915238 15U space - 29.95" overall
119-1782 A7519350 21U space - 40.45" overall
119-1754 A4986314 6U space - 12.63" overall
119-1755 A4603652 9U space - 17.88" overall
120-2382 A5820745 Dell Poweredge R210,R220 Slide Rails - 4Post or 2Post Flush Mount
120-3662 A7512334 Sliding Rails for Dell T7600
122-2579 A6289666 Dell PowerEdge R320, R420, R620 Slide Rails
122-2580 A6239058 Dell PowerEdge R520, R720, R720xd, R730, R820 Slide Rails
122-5054 A8986085 Dell FX2 Quick Dry Slide Rack Rails
131-2328 A8058823 Heavy Duty Caster Kit for 24" Wide Rack
141-2602 A8554351 Colocation Cabinet (2 compartments)
141-4073 A8554352 Colocation Cabinet (4 compartments)
151DC-4070 A8058821 Data Center Rack 48U X48"D X 24"W
151DC-4071 A8058820 Data Center Rack 42U X42"D X 24"W
151-3500 A7506001 16U Office Cabinet with Key Lock
185-4659 A8554375 Black 1U Filler Panel 10 Pack
185-4660 A8554460 White 1U Filler Panel 10 Pack
185-4661 A8554365 Black 2U Filler Panel 5 Pack
185-4662 A8554367 White 2U Filler Panel 5 Pack
185-4663 A8554388 1U Blanking Panel with Temperature Strip 10 pack
185-4664 A8554390 2U Blanking Panel with Temperature Strip 5 pack
185-4888 A8554398 KoldLok Integral Raised Floor Grommet
185-4889 A8554368 KoldLok Wave Raised Floor Grommet
185-4890 A8554369 KoldLok Mini Raised Floor Grommet
1UBRK-R300 A3159748 Dell PowerEdge R300, 1950 Rack Rails
1UBRK-R4 A3211789 Dell PowerEdge R410, R310, R210, NX300 Fixed Rails
1UCMA-137 A0948134 1U Cable Management Arm
1UCROSSBAR-120 A1235175 1U Cable Management Tray
1UKIT-009 A0389974 1U, 2Post Rack Rails
1UKIT-106 A0013646 1U Adapter Kit
1UKIT-109 A7400867 1U, Universal Rack Rails
1UKIT-109-20 A2778999 1U, 20" Rackmount Rails
1UKIT-109-QR A2849214 1U, Tool-less Rack Rails
1UKIT-109-31 A2778804 1U, 31" Rackmount Rail
1UKIT-R4 A7041622 Adapter Brackets for Dell PowerEdge R410 OEM Rails
1UKYB-126 A0431056 1U Shelf with PS/2 Keyboard - USB Converter
1UKYB-126-USB A5653383 1U Shelf with USB Keyboard
1URACK-110 A0021853 1U Wallmount Rack
1URACK-119 A0414987 1U Wall Rack
1URAIL-1950-EARS A1180989 Dell PowerEdge 1950 Rail Kit Ears
1URAIL-R6 A3460598 Dell PowerEdge R610 Slide Rails
1URAIL-R6-CMA A2954917 Dell PowerEdge R610 Slide Rails with CMA
1USHL-012 A0132023 Rackmount Computer Shelf
1USHL-022HALF-7DV A0445188 2 Post Rack Shelf - 7" Vented, Flanges Down
1USHL-022HALF-7UV A0762056 2 Post Rack Shelf - 7" Vented, Flanges Up
1USHL-108 A7455372 Fixed Rack Shelf - 24" Depth
1USHL-112 A0054610 Sliding Computer Shelf - 24" (with CMA)
1USHL-112-20 A1779196 Sliding Computer Shelf - 20" (without CMA)
1USHL-112-T A0410019 Light Duty Sliding Seismic Transport Shelf w/ CMA
1USHL-115 A0134097 Sliding Equipment Shelf with CMA
1USHL-116 A0355859 Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf, 500 lb capacity
1USHL-116-23 A8062056 23" Wide Server Rack Shelf- Heavy Duty
1USHL-139 A1195458 Laptop Sliding Shelf
1USHL-STRAP-HVY A0396115 Heavy Duty Transport Strap
1USHL-MAT-THICK A0395547 Thick Anti Slip Mat
2POST-2UKIT A0421207 2U, 2Post Conversion Kit
2POST-2UKIT-2950 A0707667 2U, 2Post Conversion Kit for Dell 2950
2POST-3UKIT A7208520 3U, 2Post Conversion Kit
2POST-4UKIT A0532626 4U, 2Post Conversion Kit
2POST-5UKIT A0558741 5U, 2Post Conversion Kit
2POST-7UKIT A0490387 7U, 2Post Conversion Kit
2UBRK-059-FULL A6038657 2U Bracket, 2-bends, 0.59" wide
2UBRK-200-FULL A3929233 2U Bracket, 4-bends, 2.00" wide
2UBRK-23J-PAIR A1292710 2U, 23" to 19" Joggled Reducer Brackets (pair)
2UBRK-24J-PAIR A1309660 2U, 24" to 19" Joggled Reducer Brackets (pair)
2UBRK-2950 A0705182 Dell 2950, 2970, R5400 Rack Rails
2UBRK-350-FULL A4182470 2U Bracket, 4-bends, 3.50" wide
2UBRK-R7 A2897446 Dell PowerEdge R710 Rack Rails
2UCMA-137 A0788067 2U Cable Management Arm
2UDRAWER-162 A7395700 2U Lockable Rackmount Drawer
2UKIT-000/2 A0623564 2Post Adapter kit (2 Brackets)
2UKIT-009 A5548286 2U, 2Post Rack Rails
2UKIT-101 A7764268 2U Adapter Kit
2UKIT-102 065375 4U - 7U Adapter Kit
2UKIT-109 A7008276 2U, Universal Rack Rails
2UKIT-109-20 A7893204 2U, 20" Rackmount Rails
2UKIT-109-31 A2778997 2U, 31" Rackmount Rail
2UKIT-109-QR A2569103 2U, Tool-less Rack Rails
Keyboard-KVM-PS2 A0466586 Keyboard (only) with Track Pad - PS2
2URACK-110 A7591628 2U Wallmount Rack
2URACK-116 A8500535 2U Secure Wallmount Rack
2URACK-119 A0646538 2U Wall Rack
2URAIL-2650 A2323757 Dell PowerEdge 2650 Slide Rails
2URAIL-2850 A2278839 Dell PowerEdge 2850 Slide Rails
2URAIL-2950 A0741949 Dell 2950, 2970, R5400 Slide Rails
2URAIL-R7 A2993121 Dell PowerEdge R710 Slide Rails
2URAIL-R7-CMA A2936022 Dell PowerEdge R710 Slide Rails with CMA
2USHL-020FULL-20S A0514552 Configurable Relay Rack Shelf - 20" Solid
2USHL-020HALF-13V A1120562 Configurable 2Post Rack Shelf, Vented 13"
2USHL-022FULL-20DS A0418253 20" 2Post Shelf, Solid, Flanges Down
2USHL-022FULL-20UV A1623696 20" 2Post Shelf, Vented, Flanges Up
2USHL-022HALF-13DS A2122069 2 Post Rack Shelf - 13" Solid, Flanges Down
2USHL-022HALF-13DV A0445191 2 Post Rack Shelf - 13" Vented, Flanges Down
2USHL-022HALF-13US A0539432 2 Post Rack Shelf - 13" Solid, Flanges Up
2USHL-022HALF-13UV A0754708 2 Post Rack Shelf - 13" Vented, Flanges Up
2USHL-130 A0608912 Heavy Duty, Sliding, Rack Mount Shelf with CMA
3UDRAWER-162 A3327784 3U Lockable Rackmount Drawers
3UKIT-009 A7218769 3U, 2Post Rack Rails
3UKIT-109 A7008269 3U, Universal Rack Rails
3UKIT-109-31 A7200309 3U, 31" Rackmount Rail
3UKIT-109-QR A2694831 3U, Tool-less Rack Rails
3URACK-119 A0586373 3U Wall Rack
3USHL-022FULL-29DV A0582030 2Post Shelf, Vented, Flanges Down, 29"
3USHL-022FULL-29US A0539431 2Post Shelf, Solid, Flanges Up, 29"
3USHL-022FULL-29UV A0764132 2Post Shelf, Vented, Flanges Up, 29"
3USHL-024FULL-29US A5898252 29" Adjustable Rack Shelf - Flanges Up
4UKIT-003 A0054607 4U, Flush Mount, Conversion Kit for 2Post Racks
7U-RACKMON A0707129 7U Flush Rack Mount Monitor
RETAIL-AIO-017 A7109616 Universal All-In-One for Small PCs
RETAIL-DELL-AIO-014 A1751296 All-In-One for Optiplex Desktop PC
RETAIL-DELL-AIO-015 A1982961 All-In-One w/ cover for Optiplex Desktop PC
RETAIL-DELL-WALL-001 A1702658 Wallmount for Dell OptiPlex GX620 USFF
BRK-R7-STAND-001 A3887327 Rack-to-Tower Kit for Dell PowerEdge R710
CAGENUT-1032-50PK A1708660 Cage Nuts 10-32 (50 Pack)
MON-BRK-163 A3456978 LCD Flushmount Kit
PS19-R8-15-K A1190495 15A Horizontal Power Strip, Rear Outlet, 15ft Cord
PSV-F16-15A A0658043 15A, 16 Outlets, 15ft Cord (30U+ racks)
PSV-F24-20A-V A7115645 20A, 24 Outlets, 15ft Cord (44U+ racks)
QUICKRAIL-2950 A0952773 Dell 2950, 2970 Quick Rails
RACK-117-12 A0378472 12U Portable Server Rack
RACK-117-COVERS A1263898 Front and Rear Covers
RACK-117-MOBILE-KIT A1470577 Heavy Duty Casters and Lifting Handles
RACK-151-18U A0943327 18U Server Rack Cabinet (39.44")
RACK-151-22U A0942002 22U Server Rack Cabinet (46.44")
RACK-151-27U A0964368 27U Server Rack Cabinet (55.19")
RACK-151-32U A7475140 32U Server Rack Cabinet (64.94")
RACK-151-37U A1621220 37U Server Rack Cabinet (72.78")
RACK-151-42U A1149815 42U Server Rack Cabinet (81.44")
RACK-151-FANTRAY-6 A2919081 Fantray with 6 Fans for RACK-151 Server Rack
RACK-TRANSPORT-30-6 A7497885 6U, 29" Deep - Transport Case Rack
RACK-TRANSPORT-30-8 A0690313 8U, 29" Deep - Transport Case Rack
RACK-TRANSPORT-CASTERS A0727308 Casters for Transport Case Rack (Pack of 4)
RELAY-RACK-24-B-12 A1488536 Relay Rack 24U Black Finish 12-24 Threads
RELAY-RACK-45-B-10 A8303027 Relay Rack 45U Black Finish 10-32 Threads
RELAY-RACK-45-B-12 A1759781 Relay Rack 45U Black Finish 12-24 Threads
RELAY-RACK-45-C-10 A0542534 Relay Rack 45U Clear Finish 10-32 Threads
SCREW-1032-500-50PK A1708661 Screw 10-32 x 1/2" Pilot Point (50 Pack)
WALL-MOUNT-PC A0361857 Universal PC Wall Mount