Apple Mac Mini Relay Rack Shelf

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Rack Mount up to 4 Mac minis per Shelf

  • Integrated airflow ducting for optimal cooling and thermal efficiency
  • Supports more Mac minis per rack than alternatives in the industry
  • Increases operational efficiency with limited space 

See "Additional Information" for compatibility.

Mac Mini Hypershelf

Apple Mac Mini Rack Shelf 

SKU: 112-4901 | 112-5541

(Capacity: 4)

Mac Mini Rack Mount Shelf Features

  • Rack mount 4 Mac minis per 1 rack unit
  • In-rack serviceability 
  • Tool-less Installation 
  • Separate In-take exhaust ports
The Apple Mac Mini Rack Shelf is an ideal solution to create a mac mini power rack. In less than 1U, you can rack mount up to 4 mac minis in a standard 19" server rack shelf or any standard equipment rack. The sliding rack mount shelf works with standard mounting depth server racks that have square holes. The design of the 1U Rack Mount Shelf allows airflow from the front of the rack to exhaust directly to the rear of the rack shelf without trapping them in hot air.

Integrated Airflow Duct

The ventilation system takes in cold air through the shelf's front air intake and moves the air to a lower chamber where each Mac Mini's air intake resides. Then the Mac Mini's own exhaust then pushes the hot air out, keeping hot and cold air separate.

Tool-less Installation

The rack mount shelf for mac minis can be installed in less than 5 minutes, no tools required. Each rail securely engages the square mounting holes on each side of the rack which allows the rack mount shelf to just slide into place.

1U 2-Post Rack Mount Shelf for Apple Mac Mini

SKU: 107-5735

(Capacity: 2)

2-Post Mac Mini Rack Shelf Features

  • Rack Mount 2 Mac Mini computers per 1U of space
  • Compatible with 3rd, 4th and 5th Generation (2010 to 2020)
  • Integrated airflow ducting for optimal cooling and performance
  • All rear peripheral ports are accessible

The 2-Post Mac Mini rack shelf features a passive ventilation system designed to isolate hot and cold aisles in large data center environments. The shelf's front air intake moves cool air from the front and moves it through the lower chamber on the shelf and to the rear of the rack where it is ventilated out along with the Mac Mini's exhaust.

Accessible Rear Peripheral Ports

Optimal Cooling and Performance

More Information
Equipment Depth

112-4901 | 112-5541

  • 17.75" (451mm)
Shelf Type Solid
Rack Type 2 Post , 4 Post
Fixed/Sliding Fixed
Shelf Surface Area

112-4901 | 112-5541

  • 27.14" (689.36mm) x 16.99" (431.55mm) = 461.10" (11,711.94mm)


  • 17.70" (449.58mm) x 9.08" (230.63mm) = 160.72" (4082.29mm)
Finish Black, Powder Coat
Mounting Depth Range

112-4901 | 112-5541

  • 27.77- 29.97"


  • 9.08"
Included Hardware


  • Cage nuts are provided for square hole racks
Weight Capacity

112-4901 | 112-5541

  • 45 lbs capacity


  • 30 lbs capacity
Rack Units

112-4901 | 112-5541

  • 1U


  • 1U
Overall Installation Depth

112-4901 | 112-5541

  • 24" (610 mm)


  • 9.1" (231mm)
Hole Type

112-4901 | 112-5541

  • Square Hole


  • 10-32 Threads, 12-24 Threads, Square Hole
Amazon ASIN 112-5541 = B06XD7S26W
107-5735 = B074JLMSBZ
TAA Compliant Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
Tech Notes

Compatible with:

  • Mac mini (Mid 2010)
  • Mac mini (Mid 2011)
  • Mac mini (Late 2012)
  • Mac mini (Late 2014)
  • Mac mini (2018)
  • Developer Transition Kit (DTK) with A12Z SoC
  • Mac mini with Apple's M1 Chip (Late 2020)
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