VEX Robotics Utility Rack

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Prevent disorganized robotics classrooms

  • Perfect for storing your VEX competition classroom kits
  • Steel counter top works as a robust classroom work surface
  • Self-squaring frame for quick and easy assembly
  • Constructed from high quality 16 GA steel
  • 3 sets of rails designed to hold 6 VEX IQ storage bins
  • 1 shelf provides additional storage and customization
  • Rails allow bins to easily slide in and out of the rack

Locking casters provide the rack with added mobility for quick classroom reconfiguration

  • Uses VEX hole patterns throughout the rack align with EDR and IQ parts for creative solutions
  • Shelves and rails can be adjusted in 2" increments
  • Shelf's tie down points allow customization like mounting battery chargers


See "Additional Information" for Tech Specs.

The VEX Utility Rack prevents disorganized, messy classrooms and creates a clutter-free work environment. The rack was designed in collaboration with our sister company, VEX Robotics, to give students, teachers, and coaches the ability to organize, store, and move supplies with ease by providing an all-in-one solution for robotics education classrooms.
The utility rack features an integrated steel countertop to work as a robust classroom work surface and includes 3 sets of rails for storing VEX IQ storage bins and 1 customizable shelf. The shelf is extra wide, allowing enough space to store any extra VEX product supplies you might need, including 2 additional storage bins. The shelf also features tie-down points for custom configurations for organizing VEX robotics parts, such as VEX IQ battery charging stations. The utility rack shelves sturdy 16 gauge steel construction features a 200 lb weight capacity, making it more than capable of handling all of your classroom equipment. The VEX Utility Rack from RackSolutions is the perfect solution for classrooms and teams using VEX equipment.

See the relationship between VEX Robotics and RackSolutions.

Classroom Storage

Designed with 3 sets of rails to hold 6 VEX IQ storage bins and 1 additional shelf for storage and customization this Rack is perfect for storing all of the VEX competition and classroom kits.

Moveable Workstation

Locking casters provide this rack with added mobility around the classroom while the steel countertop can work as a robust classroom surface.
More Information
Rack Type Open Frame
Tech Notes Material: 16 GA steel
Finish Black, Textured Powder Coat
Rack Outside Dimensions Height: 36 in
Depth: 27 in
Width: 23.5 in
Rack Casters Included
RoHS Compliant Yes
TAA Compliant Yes
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