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RackSolutions, Inc.
6725 FM 1570 W Greenville, TX 75402
Telco Relay 2 Post Rack

Availability: In stock

Telco Relay 2 Post Rack
  • 24U Relay racks
  • 45U Relay Racks
Telco Relay 2 Post Rack

Availability: In stock

Low cost, rack mounting

  • High strength, 6005-T5 aluminum extrusion
  • Weight capacity, 1000 lbs (453.6 kgs)
  • 10-32 or 12-24 threaded holes
  • 45U or 24U sizes
  • 19" mounting width (RELAY-RACK-45-B-12-23 is 23" wide)
  • More info on 2 post racks

Alternate products

Product Name SKU Price Qty
Relay Rack 24U Black Finish 10-32 Threads RELAY-RACK-24-B-10

Out of stock

Relay Rack 24U Black Finish 12-24 Threads RELAY-RACK-24-B-12
Relay Rack 24U Clear Finish 10-32 Threads RELAY-RACK-24-C-10
Relay Rack 24U Clear Finish 12-24 Threads RELAY-RACK-24-C-12
Relay Rack 45U Black Finish 10-32 Threads RELAY-RACK-45-B-10
Relay Rack 45U Black Finish 12-24 Threads RELAY-RACK-45-B-12
Relay Rack 45U Black Finish 12-24 Threads 23" Wide RELAY-RACK-45-B-12-23
Relay Rack 45U Clear Finish 10-32 Threads RELAY-RACK-45-C-10
Relay Rack 45U Clear Finish 12-24 Threads RELAY-RACK-45-C-12



Relay racks are also commonly called Telco racks or 2 Post racks. Relay racks are primarily used to install communication and network equipment. Computing equipment can be installed in Telco racks with the use of specialized rail kits. These rail kits allow the equipment to be installed in either a center mount or a flush mount configuration. The standard rail kits can be used to install computing equipment in a 2 Post rack with the addition of a relay rack conversion kit. Telco racks are manufactured using two different methods. The highest quality 2 Post racks are extruded. This means that the aluminum is formed and not bent. The second method used to manufacture relay racks is to bend flat sheets of aluminum or steel. These Telco racks are of a lesser quality than the extruded 2 Post racks. All of the relay racks sold by RackSolutions are made from extruded aluminum and are the highest quality available.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Rack Type 2 Post Rack (Telco Rack), Open Frame
Rack Internal Width EIA 19" Standard Rack
Rack Hole Type 10-32 Threaded
Hole Type 10-32 or 12-24 threads
Tech Notes High strength, 6005-T5 aluminum extrusion
Floor mounting holes front and rear.
Use 1/2" bolts with a large washer to mount to the floor.
These relay racks must be anchored to the floor, wall or ceiling.
Finish Clear or black, textured powder coat
Rack Post Shape C Shape
Assembly Notes 3/4" wrench required
Mounting Depth Range 3" side channels (76.2 mm)
Rack Outside Dimensions Footprint: Width x Depth
20.25" (514.4 mm) x 15" (381 mm)
Rack Mount Depth 3" side channels (76.2 mm)
RoHS Compliant Yes

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