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1U Adapter Kit - contains 10 brackets (2 of each shown)

1U Adapter Kit

Fits any 4 Post racks

  • Fits square, round, threaded holes
  • Dell, HP, IBM compatible

Solution to server rack frame obstructions

  • Provides for rack depth adjustment
  • Converts round holes to square
  • Allows for tool-less rail installation in almost any 19" rack
  • 1UKIT-106 contains 10 brackets (2 of each shown)

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1U Adapter Kit for 4Post Racks 1UKIT-106
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Video-Different uses of the Adapter Brackets

The Adapter Kits provide a solution to the common problems associated with installing rackmount servers into a variety of different server racks. These adapter kits allow for considerable adjustment in the installation depth of the server rack. If the server rack is too deep or too shallow, these adapter kits will solve the problem. If your server rack has round holes and your slide rails require square holes, these kits will convert round holes to square holes. This kit has an assortment of brackets that can be configured in multiple ways to solve most common installation issues.

1U Adapter Kit - Technical Specifications

Server Compatibility
  • This kit is compatible with most Dell, HP and IBM rail kits
  • Dell PowerEdge server compatibility: Dell PowerEdge 1750, Dell PowerEdge 1650 with standard Dell RapidRail slides, Dell 1U KMM tray (310-4227) with Dell RapidRail slides
  • Rack Type: 4Post cabinets (Chatsworth MegaFrame, Great Plains, Shark and most other racks), Double 2Post frame (Homaco, APC and others). Recommended double relay rack spacing.
  • Rack mounting holes: Round holes or 12-24 threaded holes
  • Rack upright depth: 22.7" - 29.6" (measured from front to back of the rack's mounting surface)
  • Notes
    1. This kit works with Dell's rack mount slides.
    2. This kit can extend or reduce the mounting depth of 4post square hole racks.
    3. This kit is not designed for APC Netshelter, IBM, and APEX square hole racks.

    Please refer to our RapidRail modification service for these racks.
Rack Type 4Post
Bracket Dimensions 1UBRK-059: 0.59" (15 mm)
1UBRK-200: 2.00" (50.8 mm)
1UBRK-270: 2.70" (68.6 mm)
1UBRK-290: 2.90" (73.7 mm)
1UBRK-350: 3.50" (88.9 mm)
Rack Units 1U tall (1.75", 44.45 mm)
Hole Type EIA 3/8" square holes (9.5 mm), round holes, 12-24 threaded holes
Rack Post Shape 1UBRK-059: C Shape
1UBRK-200: ? Shape
1UBRK-270: ? Shape
1UBRK-290: C Shape
1UBRK-350: ? Shape
Finish Zinc plated
Included Hardware
  • 10 Adapter brackets: Converts round holes to square holes and adjusts the rack depth
  • 12 Screws, 12-24,10-32: Attach the brackets to the rack
  • 8   Nuts, 12-24: Attach the brackets to the rack
  • 4   Cage nuts, 12-24: Used to double stack the brackets if necessary
Assembly Notes Phillips head screwdriver required
Tech Notes
  • 4Post racks: V 4 Post 19" rack (cabinet racks and open frame racks)
  • Rack width: V Standard 19" racks. Meets EIA-310 requirements. See the reducer brackets for 23" and 24" racks.
  • Square hole racks: Compatible with the industry standard 3/8" square hole racks. Rack manufacturers including Dell, HP-Compaq, IBM, APC, etc. Cage nuts are required for square hole mounting.
  • Round hole racks: Compatible with all standard round (non-threaded) holes. Rack manufacturers including HP and IBM.
  • Threaded racks: Compatible with all standard threads including 10-32, 12-24 and metric M6. Rack manufacturers including Chatsworth, Shark, Great Lakes, Middle Atlantic, Bud, etc.

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