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1U Cantilever 2 Post Rack Shelf - 7" depth

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1U Cantilever 2 Post Rack Shelf - 7" depth
Made in America

Great for Mounting Small IT or AV Equipment in a Rack

  • Solid or Vented options to meet airflow needs
  • Choose from equipment stops (flanges) facing up or down
  • Slots for equipment straps along the side of the shelf
  • Can be mounted upside down

Compatible With 2 Post and 4 Post Racks

  • Weight Capacity: 30 lbs (14 kgs)
  • Shelf Depth: 7" (177.8 mm)
  • Compatible with round, threaded, or square rack holes
See "Additional Information" for Technical Specifications.
Rack Solutions Promise

Vented Shelves

Product Name SKU Price Qty
2 Post Rack Shelf - 7" Vented, Flanges Up 1USHL-022HALF-7UV
2 Post Rack Shelf - 7" Vented, Flanges Down 1USHL-022HALF-7DV

Solid Shelves

Product Name SKU Price Qty
2 Post Rack Shelf - 7" Solid, Flanges Up 1USHL-022HALF-7US
2 Post Rack Shelf - 7" Solid, Flanges Down 1USHL-022HALF-7DS


RackSolutions' fixed 1U Cantiliver 2 Post Rack Shelf has a depth of 7 inches (177.8 mm) and a weight capacity of 30 lbs (14 kgs), making it perfect for small IT equipment such as routers, keyboards, and small computers. The shelf mounts cantilever, meaning that the shelf attaches to the rack at only one end. Our 2 Post Rack shelves are able to meet a wide variety of needs, whether you require a solid shelf or require a vented shelf to assist with airflow. The shelves also feature equipment stops that can either face either up or down, meaning they can be mounted upside down if needed. Equipment strap slots allow optional equipment straps to be looped through and secure equipment on the shelf. RackSolutions' relay rack shelves are compatible with most 19" EIA standard 2Post relay racks.

  • 1U Cantilever 2 Post Rack Shelf Feaures
    1U Cantilever 2 Post Rack Shelf Features
    RackSolutions 1U Cantilever 2 Post Rack Shelf is avaliable vented or solid with flanges up or down.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Assembly Notes Phillips head screwdriver required
Equipment Depth The equipment can be deeper than the rack mount shelf as long as the equipment is installed on the opposite side of the flanges. The flanges are used to increase the load bearing capacity of the rack mount shelf or used to prevent equipment movement. Max depth with the flanges up would be 6.88", max depth with the flanges down would depend on the use case.
Shelf Type Solid , Vented
Rack Type 2 Post , 4 Post
Fixed/Sliding Fixed
Shelf Surface Area 7" x 17.5" (177 x 445 mm)
Finish Black textured powder coat
Mounting Depth Range These relay rack shelves are cantilever mounted and will install into any relay rack as well as any 4Post server rack.
Included Hardware 10-32 & 12-24 pan head screws
Weight Capacity 30 lbs (14 kgs)
Rack Units 1U
Tool-less/Standard Standard
Overall Installation Depth 7"
Material Made from high quality 16 GA steel
TAA Compliant Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
Tech Notes These relay rack shelves can be installed in a 4Post server rack.
Shelf depth is measured from front to rear excluding flanges.