Heavy Duty Relay Rack Shelf Base

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Heavy Duty (500 lbs) Shelf for 2 Post Relay Rack

  • Designed for the largest and heaviest equipment
  • Supports large drive arrays: SAN & NAS appliances
  • Supports large chassis servers and UPS Units
  • Supports large blade centers: IBM, Dell, HP
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Durable Zinc plated finish

Fits any 2 Post Rack

  • Shelf Depth: 29.15" (740.41mm)
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lb (227 kgs)
  • Mounting Depth: 29.15" (740.41mm)
  • Compatible with 10-32 Threads and 12-24 Threads
  • Shelf does not come with Conversion Brackets (must be purchased separately)

Want something more versatile? Check out our configurable or adjustable version.

See "Additional Information" for Tech Specs.

RackSolutions Relay Rack Shelf - Heavy Duty was designed for 2-post relay racks that need to support heavy duty equipment up to 500 lbs. Created for the largest and heaviest equipment, our relay rack shelf is made of solid steel construction and zinc plated finish to be able to support large blade centers such as IBM, Dell, and HP. In addition, our heavy duty relay shelf can support UPS units, large drive arrays (SAN & NAS appliances) and large chassis servers.

Our 2 post relay rack shelf has a depth of 29.15 inches (740.41 mm) and a weight capacity of 500 lbs (227 kgs), making it perfect for mounting a large variety of electronic equipment on your 2post rack that you might not normally be able to mount. 

Our 2post relay rack heavy duty shelf will require a 2post conversion bracket for installation, which will need to be purchased separately. You can select one based on U-height: (2POST-4UKIT, 2POST-5UKIT, 2POST-7UKIT).

Relay Rack Shelf - Heavy Duty

Our 2post Relay Rack Heavy Duty Shelf designed for 2Post Racks does NOT come with conversion brackets.

2post Conversion Brackets with Relay Rack Shelf

Our 2post Relay Rack Heavy Duty Shelf will require a 2post conversion bracket for installation, which will need to be purchased separately.

More Information
Assembly Notes Phillips head screwdriver required
Equipment Depth 29.15" (740.41mm)
Shelf Type Vented
Rack Type 2 Post
Fixed/Sliding Fixed
Shelf Surface Area 29.15" x 27.22 w (740.41mm x 691.38 mm)
Finish Shelf: zinc plated
Conversion kits: black textured powder coat
Mounting Depth Range 29.15" (740.41mm)
Weight Capacity Weight capacity up to 500 lb (227 kgs)
Tool-less/Standard Standard
Hole Type 10-32 Threads
12-24 Threads
Material Solid Steel Construction
TAA Compliant No
RoHS Compliant Yes
Tech Notes This shelf must be used in conjunction with a 2Post conversion kit.

Blade Server Specs

IBM blade center weight and dimensions

ModelMax. WeightHeightWidthDepthP/N
E (8677)240 lbs12"17.5"28"2POST-5UKIT
H (8852)350 lbs15.75"19"29"2POST-7UKIT
S (8886)240 lbs12"17.5"28.9"2POST-5UKIT
T (8720)192 lbs13.76"17.4"20"2POST-4UKIT
T (8730)192 lbs13.76"17.4"20"2POST-4UKIT
HT (8740)350 lbs21"17.4"27.8"2POST-7UKIT
HT (8750)350 lbs21"17.4"27.8"2POST-7UKIT

Dell PowerEdge blade servers weight & dimensions

ModelMax. WeightHeightWidthDepthP/N
PE1855285 lbs12.22"16.74"30"2POST-5UKIT
PE1955285 lbs12.07"17.56"28.94"2POST-5UKIT
PEM1000e394 lbs17.3"17.6"29.7"2POST-7UKIT

HP ProLiant Blade System Weight & Dimensions

ModelMax. WeightHeightWidthDepthP/N
C3000300 lbs10.4"19.17"32.97"2POST-5UKIT
C7000450 lbs17.4"17.5"32.0"2POST-7UKIT
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